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It’s the beginning of September, Labor Day has come and summer is now officially over.  The children are back in school.  Your co-workers are back from their vacations.  Daylight savings time is coming and cool air is making another appearance.  Fall is in the air and the holiday season is near.

It’s that time when c-level executives at your company decide whether or not it’s necessary to host their annual holiday party.  Budgets have to be created, yet the question still remains “Do We Host A Holiday Party This Year” or not?

Recent studies have shown that it’s imperative to show your employees just how much you value their time, energy, effort they’ve shown throughout the year.  Hosting a Holiday Party can be a small token of appreciation that will heed many benefits to ones’ bottom line.

Corporate Game Show Planning Ideas

You may have been the one chosen to plan your annual corporate holiday celebration.  Lucky for you, the search can start as early as September.  Before the planning process begins, there are a few things to consider in order to make this, yet another memorable end-of-the-year event.  So, let the planning begin.

Below we have a few game show options that can simplify your planning and make the party pop!  We guarantee it.  Most planners and/or coordinators haven’t realized yet that there are local companies that can bring live game show entertainment at a price that is both reasonable and affordable.

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1) Number of Attendees

This is basically your starting point. It’s important to do a thorough assessment on how many people you are inviting and how many you expect to actually attend this event. Usually, when you book a venue, caterer or entertainer, you will be required to give an estimate of the number of the guests in order to get a price quote.

2) Event Budget

Have a clear and concise event budget in mind before you start contacting vendors and booking venues. Many companies fail to create a budget before contacting entertainment companies and think that the costs will be minimal.   On the contrary, investing in a high-end event can make or break your reputation for throwing an exciting event amongst your co-workers and colleagues. Your budget for entertainment should be set accordingly as well.  Many groups are now adding an activity to their holiday events because the milling round with a drink in your hand has become obsolete.

3) Choose The Right Venue

Corporate Holiday Party Planning season is now underway. It can be an overwhelming task for some office managers, meeting planners and/or executive assistants.   It’s the time of year to come together with fellow co-workers to celebrate accomplishments and set goals for the coming New Year.

Most corporate meeting planners are literally thrown into the job of choosing the right venue, food and theme, but, leave the entertainment option for last.  That can be a huge issue because the availability of the entertainment is quite limited as well.  Most entertainment companies are booked at least 3-6 months in advance, so what does a planner do?  Some would start the planning process at least 6 months prior to the event, but most would either try and book entertainment the last minute and when that doesn’t work, they would just offer the usual food and drinks.

4) Interactive Entertainment – Ice Breakers

Make sure your corporate holiday party theme includes an opening or ending icebreaker.  If your thinking about how to end the year off with a bang, make sure you consider an activity that is fun, interactive and entertaining.  Just think. do you remember what you had for dinner at your holiday party last year?  Probably not, but you will remember the act you booked for entertainment years after the event, if you hire the right one.

Let us help you with corporate holiday party planning, so make it a memorable one and let us help you on what kind of gaming activity that fits your group.





Corporate Holiday Party


We do not encourage planners to seek corporate entertainment at the very last minute. Live Entertainment should also be included as part of your event budget.  It should be settled early on in the planning process and not pushed on the back burner. Connecting with the right corporate event entertainment company can either make or break your event, so choose wisely.

Wouldn’t you agree, your employees need more fun and interesting activities, games and/or music to make them want to stay a little longer at your event?

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