Plan A Game Show Theme For Your Next Private Event

Special Events planning can be a daunting task, but lucky for you, we have a team of expert event coordinators that will assist in organizing all types of Events. Including conferences, meetings and private parties.

We plan all the entertainment aspects for both large corporate clients or smaller private organizations. Due to the nature of our industry, we are able to work long and irregular hours not only meet deadlines but ensure that your special day runs perfectly and that there are no last minute surprises.
Our professional coordinators have worked closely in industries such as business associations, hospitality, legal, travel and insurance just to name a few.  We have hosted sporting events, galas, festivals, staff recognition and holiday parties for fortune 500 companies as well.  We have played an imperative role from initial theme concept to recommending the right venue and interactive activity for events.  We are trained to listen carefully, to understand your vision and then provide you the best solution to turn it into a reality.   Some of our events are as follows:


For your milestone birthday, how about having a game show themed party.  Your guests are the contestants and if you choose, this can all be a surprise for either the attendees or the special guy or gal.  A live version of “Family Feud” at a birthday party can be a huge hit.  If you Family Feud on a regular, this can be a real treat for your guests.  Think about having a food, music and a little friendly competition that involves crazy and funny surveys.  After a few rounds of feud, we moved on to a round of family trivia. This was hilarious because they gave us questions, pictures and videos from a few decades ago and looking back everyone involved was quite memorable. I can truly say, the best thing about this party was the fact that it was a complete surprise for the one being honored and the contestants.


It is another hit event which our devoted event planner team are expert in to make your corporate holiday party a successful one. Corporate holiday party planning season is underway. It can be an overwhelming time for some event planners or organizers. We have noticed that most corporate meeting planners are literally thrown into the job of choosing the perfect venue, food and theme, but, leave the entertainment option for last. That can be a huge issue because the availability of the entertainment is quite limited. Most entertainment companies are booked at least 3-6 months in advance. As a large part of your event schedule, your entertainment should be settled early on in the planning process. Connecting with the right corporate event entertainment company can make your entire event run more smoothly.  We’ve developed a unique method of using the game show concept to training and motivating your group to heights of production you never thought possible at a cost within your budget. Nobody wants to sit and listen to some high-priced guru’s theory of teamwork. Our method is a unique hands on get out of your chair and have FUN approach that will have everyone energized and laughing from the beginning to end.


Client appreciation events and corporate parties are our main focus in business clientage and we are expert in arranging special event for them. Here are some examples of our customizable games we add in those special events. “WORD PLAY”(Wheel of Fortune style), “FACE 2 FACE” (Family Feud style), and ”THE CHALLENGE” (Jeopardy style). All these games can be used for training purposes as well. The March of Dimes found the value in educating their supporters by using our event planning services after the walk-in addition to our Game Shows .We can take care of all your entertainment needs to make your next event a memorable one for your clients and or employees.


Planning a last minute summer party or company picnic you need smart event planner to wrap up things up fast.  If your planning something for your group, don’t hesitate any further. Our services are specifically designed to help event producers and organizers that are looking to plan an interactive event and activity outside that gets people to interact and physically play together. Our game shows are for all age groups which is a perfect match for picnics and community gatherings that want to entertain the kids as well. We have an add-on feature of giant games like, Giant Connect Four, Checkers, Chess, or Jinga that can keep the kids busy while the adults play in the game show.  So, I post this question to you, when was the last time you participated in a Dance Contest, played a minute to win it challenge all for the chance to either win prizes or bragging rights in the office.  It is our goal to to bring back the fun and real interactive entertaining experience.

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