Plan a Group Activity at your next Corporate Event

Life is truly worth living when you can have a real balance of both working and playing simultaneously.

This makes me remember a proverb that says “All work and no play makes jack a very dull boy”.

We understand that most companies have busy schedules all year round with the end goal of making a profit, but it is essential to carve out time to acknowledge and celebrate those staff members who worked tirelessly to achieve certain annual goals.

That’s where planning corporate events come into play. Most corporate executives don’t spend a lot of time thinking about planning events that integrates fun while allowing some unwinding time for the staff. Luckily, most companies have Executive Assistants or Office Managers that may come with an idea to highlight the talent that deserves recognition.
An annual office party and/or event would be a great way to recognize individuals that have contributed to meeting company goals. The best part of it all is that you don’t even have to plan it yourself.

It’s Playtyme Game Shows is a production company specifically used to create an atmosphere of fun and engagement. We have the necessary skill, talent, experience, and tools as corporate event entertainers to help create the ideal party or event.

We believe the buzz and excitement are the things that make it an unforgettable experience, and we are ready to bring up the charge to any voltage you want.
In order for a corporate event to be a success, the following must take place

The buzz and excitement must be felt by everyone.

It must suit your business timeline to include most staff members.

And it must be customized according to the culture of the organization and/or occasion.

Some of the most creative corporate event ideas on the planet will come directly from us and it all pertains to playing games.

Top corporate event entertainment companies do not offer programs, like ours, that will engage their audience.

Our programs are designed to not only entertain, but can be used to educate and train your staff as well.

The best part of all of this is, we can come to you if it’s not in the budget to come to our location. We have traveled all across the Northeast Region and are ready to bring this type of engagement directly to your office or venue.

Setting up, hosting and the tear down of the game show equipment is our total responsibility. The only thing required by you, the event planner, is to create the teams that are willing and ready to play.

Let us help you bring this kind of corporate event to life.

We understand that it must be done at your pace and time, and this is what we promise to offer you. So whether you want to have a list of corporate event activities to have at your office or a venue, we are ready to make it happen.

Finally, corporate event game show themes are another way to spice up your event.

We have quite a few tricks up our sleeves for you.

We will take time out to discuss and customize this part of the event with you.

It doesn’t matter if it is a staff appreciation or holiday party, or even an award ceremony, our team of experts, will bring some of the most unique and tailored corporate event ideas to you.


One thing that sets us apart in the corporate event industry is how well we can devise an approach for all our customers so that they have a good time spent with their colleagues, and a high return of value on the money spent. To this end, we have fundamental approaches to how we handle corporate events.

Our first approach is getting to really know you and your goals for a particular event.

We believe that the best way to effect and deliver solutions is by getting to know the company and its leading culture.

Various questions are asked on our initial phone call to get a real assessment of the kind of activities your specifically looking for.

We want to make sure we serve you better and pull up and fantastic experience for all. We want to be event partners type of relationship rather than be hired to help to come and deliver a one-time experience.


After we have taken time to understand what your looking for, what your business stands for, the challenges you are having, and the issues your members are dealing with, we will be able to suggest the right activity that will meet the objectives you have laid down.

We have all the necessary connections and experience to come up with an ideal corporate event management plan. Best believe that we will deliver to you a holistic and comprehensive world class event for your business.


This is the final stage of our approach. This is where all the planning and careful design comes alive. All you have to do is to sit back and watch the fun unfold in your event. We have a water-tight and strategic plan as well as procedural management methods that will have you covered from the start to the very end of the event.


You have been working tirelessly, all year round, why don’t you take a break from work and relax. Planning a corporate event should not cause you any more stress, and that is why we have decided to take the burden upon ourselves to create the most sensational event you would probably have.

Hiring us more than once would mean a consecutive streak of beauty, fun, and excitement, where we keep creating beautiful ideas better than the previous one.


Experienced Moderators
We have moderators and facilitators who have gained a wealth of experience from working with top, and budding industries. This vast knowledge gained is what pushes them to make sure no two events ever have a similar theme, there is always a better version, and each with an essential ‘wowy’ effect.

Custom Tailored Events
The beauty of every event is seen in how it embodies the company and personalizes what the company stands for. Our forte at Its Playtyme is being able to work closely with any business or organization in creating a masterpiece out of an event. After our assessment, we would make a plan that suits the group size, objectives, and time established.

Exceptional Support
Not only do we give the best services in the corporate event industry, but we also offer amazing and outstanding support to all our customers.

It’s Playtyme wants you to understand that our customer service coordinators are here to guide you through the entire event. By the time you book our services, you will have a good idea on how the event will be coordinated. No worries, we have a strong support team ready to respond to all your needs before and after the event.

Team Building
Our corporate event team building strategy is one of its kind, and all activities are directed towards fostering love and coherence among the staff.
If you want a blend of fun and bond, then you have come to the right place. We will create perfect sync of both while helping you to achieve the set goal and objective of the event.




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