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If your apart of a sales team. then your well aware of how many meetings must be held in order for your team to be successful.  The job of a sales manager is to constantly come up with new and creative ideas to keep their sales team motivate, engaged and encouraged on a daily basis. This can be a time consuming task, so most of the time, that duty is passed off to the assistant and/or coordinator of the group.

Who in your office is going to be the one to come up with an historic idea for your annual sales meeting.  There are loads of information and activities on the internet that include Interactive sales meeting ideas but depending on the culture climate of the company can be a demanding task.

Admit it, sales meetings are usually boring and held, weekly, monthly and kick-offs are held yearly.  Most sales professionals dread the idea of attending the old weekly sales meeting as much as they enjoy getting a shot from their doctor and managers are aware of the fact.   All sales teams go through periods of highs and lows in different intervals, so it is important not to waste time at these meetings, get to the point across and plan with a specific goal in mind.

Fun Sales Meeting Activities to Motivate Sales Team

Think about organizing a few fun and interesting activities that encourages interaction before the meeting gets underway.  Those exercises should assist in the training of new products, the competition and new policies, in a way that will re-energized the group enough to get back into the field and sell again idea could be is to host your very own quiz show and require full participation.  There should be activities specifically designed to boost morale and excitement all while learning.

The Memory Game

You may want to get started with word association game where your required to memorize customer names. This game works best for a team whose members haven’t previously met.  However, if everyone is acquainted, you can assign fake names for the purpose of the game. The first person stands up, announces his/her name and something that he likes that happens to start with the same letter as his first name. The second person follows suit but also repeats what the first person said. This continues around the room until the last person tries to repeat the names of every person along with each one’s stated interest.

The Prospect Simulation

Another great idea could be a simulation where the sales force acts out roles of prospect and sales representative. Encourage all others to ask questions and for the group to discuss best practices in terms of approach and sales technique.

The Live Game Show

Those are just some ideas we highly recommend to our clients should they choose to plan something more interactive during a weekly sales meeting.  We also offer them a variety of live tv style game shows at the end which really gives the attendees the boost they need to go out the next day and start the process all over again.

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