Traveling Game Show For Corporate Events

We offer the best traveling game show for corporate events which help clients to organize official event and to boost up the moral of employees. We provide best interactive entertainment ideas for companies such as Macy’s, Penske Trucking, Comcast and even performed at a Season Ticket Holder event for the Philadelphia Flyers.

Have you ever thought about having a live game show activity for your employees and/or clients.  It’s truly the ultimate icebreaker that gives your employees the opportunity to enjoy solving puzzles, trivia questions and/or surveys.  Our “Face to feud” is one of our most popular, and easy-to-play activity, as it requires practically no skills or knowledge, and relies solely on the contestants ability to think quickly.   Individual of all ages, and backgrounds, can successfully play this game. Perfect for Holiday Parties, Corporate Team Building Gatherings, and Conference Entertainment, face to feud is one of our most adaptable interactive team building activity, Everyone gets a chance to be part of the game show.

Hundreds of Games for Corporate Events

We have a plethora of game shows on our roster.  If you like physical team building challenges, you may want to book a minute to win it game show.  We facilitate the entire show and have contestants complete wild and wacky challenges their skills in 60 seconds.  The best thing about our version of minute to win it games is that we use ordinary objects such as office and household items and we bring everything needed to the show, you just bring the contestants.

We are a traveling Game Show production for mostly Corporate Events and conduct most performances in the New York City tri-state area.   It is our job to help clients boost up the moral of their employees, encourage them to step away from the mundane work schedule and let their hair down for at least 60 minutes.  We offer our high energy entertainment to corporate clients by creating engaging activities that allow them to be themselves have some fun just like the TV game shows you see every night.

Our “Jeopardy” style program challenges three contestants to  participate against each other with a variety of categories and points attached to them.   It’s a brain challenge, but we take that concept and use it as a training tool for corporations.  After a training session, we will come in and have a game show going over the material to see who was paying attention and who was simply goofing off.  Prizes are given out to the team that answers the most questions correctly.

We have a “Wheel of Fortune” style game that is based on the hit tv game show with similar concept like Hangman.   Every round consist of a blank word puzzle with a clue at the bottom of the screen.  There is an allplay round that allows the contestants to guess the puzzle without having to buy vowels or spin the wheel.   Our puzzles can be customized to fit company culture as well.

”Music Trivia ”, if you love music and remember the game show “Name That Tune”, then your in for a real treat.  We have a game full of various songs in many categories for you where we will play a few seconds of a popular song and ask questions.  How many songs can you name correctly? How many artist can you recognize? When was the song released, what year?  How fast are you at hitting the buzzer and singing that hit song.  We take you down memory land with all types of music, fun to be had by all.

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