Team Building

Itsplaytyme offers you exclusive and reputable team building services in ways that you cannot imagine. The goal is simple, we get the team together, create a bond between them so strong that they remain with it for a long time, and in return, you experience progress in your business or organization. The power of cohesion is something that cannot be explained, but the truth is that it can always be seen in the level of productivity that comes out when a team is firmly knitted together.

It doesn’t matter the number of persons you are planning for; if it’s a group of 10, 100, or even over 500, we can handle the job and make sure everyone is carried along from the top to the very last detail with our team building activities. Right from our team of experts, you will notice how well they can form strong bonds with you, to understand your objectives, and also pass that same technique to your corporate team building event. They are professionals at what they do and will be with you every step of the way to make sure that the team-building exercises run smoothly.

We host:

  1. Team Building Activities in Connecticut
  2. Team Building Activities in New York City
  3. Team Building Activities in New Jersey
  4. Team Building Activities in Philadelphia


The first step in the entire process of team building is actually to get to know you. When you come to us, we will first provide you with all you need to be well aware of the services we offer. The next thing we will then do is to find out what you have in mind, your objectives as well as your budget. Be assured that many team building fun activities can be tailored to the budget you have. So no matter the size of the group and the goals set, we always have something for you.


One of our fortes is also in preparing amazing customized team building games and events. Each organization or company possess their unique operations and vision, and this will also reflect in the type of service they are interested in. We are very much able to be the life of your event and create a fun atmosphere. We will create customized and appropriately tailored events according to the request of the company. Even if it requires having team building activities for kids, we can always create a fun experience for them.


One of the things that separate us from other team building organizations is our ability to start and finish successfully. We take pride in not only creating and customizing ideas for team building and bond creation, but we also see to it that it is brought to completion. We know these plans would never magically transform into a smooth and excellent finish that is why we will be on the ground to ensure that the arrangements made are executed beautifully, and the aim is achieved.


After the plans have been made, the customizations have been perfected, after the team building ideas have been fully implemented, the next thing is for each of our experts to do what they do best – create strong bonds. Our experts love what they do so much that you can tell from their composure and also feel the vibe spread across to others. With such a level of dedication, we are not surprised at how well we can achieve such tremendous results.


Just like we like to state with all of our clients, we would want to make sure you determine the vital message you wish to pass to your staff and also assess the objective of the program. Doing this creates a better way for you to be sure of what you want and how to get it. It also helps us serve you better. Remember, the things you tell us are the vital elements we work with to create a customized service for you. The next thing we do is to design the entire operations on the culture and values of the company. That is why no two organizations can ever have the same team-building structures.

Any option you decide is excellent by us; we only come in to provide you with everything it takes to bring your plans to realization. We all work and get jobs and sometimes forget how to have fun. Not to worry, with itsplaytyme in the mix, you will watch how the children in all your staff emerge and watch how they learn to relax and have fun once again without losing the essence of the event.

We believe in bridging the gap between work and play. It is often stereotyped to sit and focus on the job. But our activities are packed with entertaining and exciting things to do that will require participants to move around and interact with each other. Many things are achieved by these actions in play and we create a learning environment; teamwork, training and fun are enjoyed all at once.


They are not just called experts because we want to make them feel special, but they are called experts because of the level of experience, dedication, expertise and hard work put into making sure the results of every team building activities for work is achieved. When it comes to easing the tension and helping the staffs see themselves in a different setting and loosening up, then you can count on our experts.

We help them see things differently; just try to picture your staff not in a work environment, not having to report to a boss or having anything too serious to do. Try to imagine them, but instead, they still get the underlying message you are trying to pass. At itsplaytyme, we use fun as a tool to connect people. Let’s not forget that our experts also make use of tools and unique set up tools to make the most fun for staff. This way we will be able to create the best enjoyment.




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