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Ready to Boost Team Morale?

It’s Playtyme Game Shows is a family owned and operated corporate entertainment business since 2012. 

We are located in Teaneck, NJ, 07666,  and specialize in delivering high-end, top-notch game show themes that boosts participation and collaboration for a plethora of local events.

Our game shows stand out as high-energy, engaging and fun with a twist of friendly competition that will transform any event into an unforgettable experience.

Are you the person organizing a team builder, or an annual kick-off gathering in the near future?

Do you have an upcoming school assembly or college campus event and in need an exciting idea?

Perhaps your looking to add an engaging element to a Milestone Birthday celebration?

If your located in the NYC Tri-State area your search ends right here!

Locations We Serve

Our Game Shows

Below is a list of our most popular shows in the NJ/NYC Tri-State area.  Take a look around and see which one is appropriate for your group.  If you feel a little overwhelmed with the choices, feel free to give us a call.

FACE-2-FACE FEUD (Family Feud)

You’ll have a great time with our fun-filled survey game called Face-2-Face Feud.  This team builder is a replica of the very popular Family Feud style game show that currently airs on television.  It’s ideal for corporate events, school assemblies and high-end private parties.  It’s our most popular game show and has been the ultimate ice breaker for over a decade.

This particular show is a hilarious adaptation of the classic, long-running game show we all know and love. Face-2-Face is highly interactive, team-focused, unexpectedly gripping and hysterically funny.  This activity allows you to match your team’s minds to popular opinion in this collegiate take on a timeless TV favorite.

As a planner, all you have to do is create the teams and we will create the fun.  It’s a win/win situation by all involved.  Be the office hero and give us a call at 201-357-2979 today.



This game show includes contestants in groups of three and makes the perfect team ice breaker. Once you’re up on stage, it’s a fantasy come true as you participate in a real live game show. You’ll have fun answering trivia questions, playing Name That Hit TV Show or Name That Hit Song, Who That Is and more! Questions can come from our trivia library, or we can create a show custom-tailored to your event with questions and answers based around your organization or conference theme.

Who That Is? (Celebrity Guessing Game)

If your familiar with “Celebrity Guessing Game”, then you’ll love “Who That Is”.  Participants are presented with clues, pictures, or trivia questions related to a famous person’s identity. The objective is to correctly identify the celebrity based on the provided hints.

The game can be played in various formats, such as on television shows, mobile apps, or as a party game.  It tests the players’ knowledge of popular culture and celebrities from different fields, including actors, musicians, athletes, and other public figures. It’s a very popular game show and is a great icebreaker.


WORD PLAY (Wheel of Fortune)

You are now able to have your very own Wheel of Fortune style game at your next corporate event. We have the wheel, no fortune, but bring all of the fun.

Add, edit and bring your own slogans,TV shows, movies and popular celebrities and catch phrases. This is the ultimate word game of life and is ideal for team builders and breaking the ice among st co-workers. Contestants electronically “spin the wheel” to decide the point values of their letter guess.

This is something completely different from the norm.  Think outside the box and become the office hero.  Book this group activity today.

60 SECONDS OF FAME (Minute To Win It)

This is a wonderful way to break the ice at any event. These 60-second physical challenges utilize only household items and are great for team building as well. It is a high-intensity, fast-paced, high-energy, beat-the-clock kind of game. This definitely brings out the competitive spirit! With only 60 seconds on the clock, the pressure builds and pride is on the line, people race to achieve glory.

lip sync challenge

Lip Sync Challenge - Live Performance

This popular game show takes the art of lip-syncing to a brand new level of entertainment. Participants go head-to-head, battling it out to prove their miming mastery.

Lip Sync Challenge delivers iconic songs, two teams putting on an epic lip-sync showdown like no other. Here’s the twist: these teams aren’t just pretending to sing, they’re putting their heart and soul into embodying the original artist’s charisma, moves, and overall vibe.

We set the stage, the lights are dimmed, and the crowd is on the edge of their seats.  Your team will expose their inner rock stars, pop icons, and hip-hop legends. From flawless choreography to spot-on facial expressions, they leave no stone unturned in their quest for lip-sync domination.



This game show is played a little bit differently.  You can have one player, two players or three compete in our version of the TV classic game show, Jeopardy. We call it “The Challenge” but,  made it very easy to play. We ask the question; you give us an answer, simple as that.  Contestants pick a category and point value, and then the question is “up for grabs.” as to who hits their buzzers first and can answer correctly.  It’s a replica of what you see on TV, but with a few twists, turns and a lot of laughter.

OOPS UPSIDE YO HEAD (Comedy Game Show)

This game show is hilarious and is a huge it in Las Vegas and Atlantic City today.  The objective is for the players (wearing hard hats) to hit themselves (if they know the answer) or each other (to force them to answer) on the hard hat with a HARMLESS foam (20-inch noodle) bat to answer all kinds of crazy trivia questions.

Name That Hit Song - Game Show

OOPS UPSIDE YO HEAD (Comedy Game Show)

This show is a good replica of the show “Shazam!”, which is a popular game show.  Your guests will compete to identify songs by listening to a short snippet. In this fast-paced game, contestants listen to a brief portion of a song and must quickly guess its title and artist. Points are awarded based on correct answers and the speed of hitting the buzzer.

The show often features a variety of music genres to challenge the contestants’ musical knowledge and memory. This game is quite entertaining even for the audience as they watch participants race against the clock to identify hit songs.

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Trivia for Team Building

This website showcases an array of these thrilling TV-style game shows that are perfect for team builders, school assemblies, college campuses and private parties.

Say goodbye to the worries of finding the right engaging activity for your corporate event, PTA function, or special milestone occasion.

We’re a mobile production company that will take care of everything, from creating and planning to designing and executing the entire show.

Browse our most popular requested game shows below, and discover testimonials from our satisfied Fortune 500 clients.

Read what they have to say about our shows and the value brought to their entire organization.  Let’s Play!

Clients Who Trust Us

Live In-Person Game Shows – To Boost Morale & Reconnect


Icebreaker Questions for Meetings

Strengthen Bonds – Boost Morale


Looking to add some “serious interactive fun” to your next corporate team builder, school, or private event?

Have you already done, escape rooms, scavenger hunts and/or cooking classes?

Let It’s Playtyme Game Shows be NEXT IN LINE!


Most Popular Game Show Themes



Game Shows at work

We’ve got an amazing lineup of interactive games that can be customized for your group.

Whether you’re aiming to boost teamwork and collaboration or spark friendly competition, your guests will receive an unforgettable interactive experience.

We have music trivia to mind-boggling puzzles to wacky physical challenges for your consideration.

Also, we’ve got customizable formats and themed options that will knock your socks off.

It’s all about bringing people together through the pure joy of play, creating unforgettable memories.

Get ready for fun, excitement, interaction, and most of all entertainment!

Face-2-Face Feud

The Challenge

Word Play

60 Seconds of Fame

Customized Experiences – Tailored for Your Needs


Escape Room Alternative


 Whether you’re looking to boost collaboration among your employees, foster friendly competition.

Our game shows are designed to meet your specific needs.

Uniting People Through Play


At Playtyme Game Shows, we believe in the power of play to bring people together, create laughter, and forge unforgettable memories.

Our mission is to ensure that your event is not just an ordinary gathering but an extraordinary experience filled with joy, interaction, and entertainment.




 NYC Tri-State, bring the excitement of a Live Game Show to your next event.

We facilitate and coordinate the entire show.

Contact us now for booking information.  No deposit required.

5-Star Rating on Google Let’s kick off a Playtyme experience together!


5 Reasons to Choose A Game Show Activity?

  1. Unforgettable Experience:  Employees or clients get a chance to participate in a thrilling game show experience to boost morale and build stronger bonds.
  1. No more dull/forced team building activities:  Laugh out loud games where teams interact with their fellow colleagues on a more social setting.

 3.  Innovative:  You have the chance to be a trendsetter by embracing something completely outside the box.  Game shows are on the rise as a team building activity.

 4.  Spotlight Moment:  Teams will have their very own "15 minutes of fame" as actual game show contestants. They'll even have the chance to win incredible prizes or cash of your choice.


  1. No Initial Payment Needed:  You don't have to pay anything upon booking.  You pay us only after our 5 star performance.
lip sync challenge

“We recently had a 2 day team meeting for over 75 team members. Many of us in attendance work remotely: so while we know one another’s name, we don’t meet in person every day. Having It’s Play Tyme lead a Family Feud game show for us on the second morning of our gathering provided just the right amount of mixing and laughter to bond us all! Even when not “on stage” the “audience members” were brainstorming and sharing to build a cohesive unit. SUCH a great morning, SO well organized, and TOTALLY an experience to remember. This one will be hard to top!”

Mary Hilton


“Lisa and her staff made our company holiday party an awesome success. Lisa was in contact throughout the planning process and was very helpful in making suggestions to accommodate our needs. From start to finish, every detail was attended to and Lisa is extremely upbeat and gregarious. She made sure everyone was involved in the game, and that everything ran smoothly. I highly recommend “It’s Playtyme Game Shows” for your next corporate event. You will not be disappointed!!”

Michelle M.

Executive Assistant, ESSC

For Immediate Assistance, Text us directly @ (917) 670-4689

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are your rates for corporate events and do you perform at private events?

Yes. Every event is different, please go to the contact us page, fill in the form or give us a call for an estimate.

Prices may vary depending on the number of people, location, time, clients specific needs and any promotions we may be running at the time of your inquiry.

Q. Is your staff prepared to accommodate a group of any size?

Yes, we are able to accommodate most group sizes depending on the venue and the activity. 

As long as we get an approximate head count one week prior to your event we will be able to accommodate.

Q. Can everybody play?

Yes, it depends on the group size, time allocated for the game and if everyone wants to play. 

We can accommodate up to 1,000 people one time via audience response keypads.

The best players will be called up in front of the room or on the stage to play one of our other popular team building game shows.

Don’t worry about everyone playing as many just want to watch and be entertained. 

Q. What makes your services different from other game show companies?

Our expertise in hosting game shows for over a decade.  Our pricing is determined by a number of factors, offer two game shows for the price of one, professionalism and a guaranteed 5 star performance.

Also, our questions are very funny, unique and customized for each client. We guarantee laughter and camaraderie, if nothing else.

We are a full-service, live, corporate entertainment company as well. We have comedians, singers and dancers available at your request.

So, if you’re tired of planning the same kind of corporate events year after year, and you’re looking for something innovative, positive and new that can improve morale and make your team stronger, we have it.

Q. May we provide our own host?

Absolutely. We will work closely with you  or another coordinator to ensure that every detail of your event is specific to your particular needs and demands.

We provide an opportunity for you to be the star, not us.

Q. What are your most popular games?

Face-2-Face Feud, 60 Seconds of Fame and Word Play are our most popular game shows.

They’re similar to three of the greatest game shows of our time.  Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud and Minute to Win it. Our Lip Sync Challenge is becoming more popular because of Tik Tok.

When it’s all said and done, our clients have experienced them all.

Q. Who provides the prizes for the shows?

You are responsible for providing prizes. We will guide you as to what kind of prizes work best. 

Ultimately, you choose the grand prize.  We may provide prize metals depending upon the package you choose. 

Q.  Where are you located?

We are located in Teaneck, NJ.  We travel throughout the NYC Tri-State area.  

Q. Do you travel outside of the New York City metro area?

Yes, our game show equipment is compact. As long as your budget allows, we will travel throughout the U.S.and beyond.

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