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5 Star Rated Game Show Activity at Your Next Team Building, School Function or Private Party!

Are you planning an upcoming corporate event, team builder or offsite retreat within the next few days or weeks? 

Have a school assembly coming up and you are not sure what to do? 

Want to add something that will bring guests together at a high-end milestone birthday celebration? 

Well, look no further.  It’s Playtyme Game shows is here to serve and help increase engagement at your next event.   

This site will show some of the most exciting TV style game shows designed specifically for team building, schools and private parties. 

Corporate event organizers, PTA Presidents and Party Planners will not have to worry about booking the right entertainment for their event. 

We will do all the work, create, plan, design and run the entire show to fit your groups unique image, message and budget. 

Listed below are our most popular requested game shows along with testimonials from our fortune 500 clients. 

Read what they had to say about our shows and the value it brought to their group.  


“We recently had a 2 day team meeting for over 75 team members. Many of us in attendance work remotely: so while we know one another’s name, we don’t meet in person every day. Having It’s Play Tyme lead a Family Feud game show for us on the second morning of our gathering provided just the right amount of mixing and laughter to bond us all! Even when not “on stage” the “audience members” were brainstorming and sharing to build a cohesive unit. SUCH a great morning, SO well organized, and TOTALLY an experience to remember. This one will be hard to top!”

Mary Hilton


“Lisa and her staff made our company holiday party an awesome success. Lisa was in contact throughout the planning process and was very helpful in making suggestions to accommodate our needs. From start to finish, every detail was attended to and Lisa is extremely upbeat and gregarious. She made sure everyone was involved in the game, and that everything ran smoothly. I highly recommend “It’s Playtyme Game Shows” for your next corporate event. You will not be disappointed!!”

Michelle M.

Executive Assistant, ESSC

Game Shows – Fun, Motivating & Competitive

Looking for a fun and engaging way to spice up your next corporate, school, or private event?

Look no further than It’s Playtyme Game Shows!

With a wide variety of interactive games to choose from, like our very own 5 star Face-2-Face Feud, 60 Seconds of Fame and Word Play, to name a few.

We offer a unique and exciting way to keep your guests entertained and engaged throughout your event.

Whether you’re looking to build team spirit and collaboration among your employees, promote friendly competition among your students, or simply provide an entertaining and interactive experience for your guests, our game shows offer something for everyone.

It’s Playtyme has a range of customizable formats and themes, from pop culture trivia, puzzle games to physical challenges.  We bring people together through the art of play that creates lasting memories.

So why wait? Book an interactive game show for your next event today and get ready for a night of fun, excitement, interaction and entertainment!  Let’s Play!


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