Anti Bullying Awareness Game for Schools in NJ & NYC

We have created several interactive anti bullying programs for elementary, middle, high schools and colleges in NJ/NYC metro area.  

We organize successful game shows to stop bullying. A good anti-bullying program is essential to stop bullying and we have one that works.

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Anti Bullying Programs

Our anti bullying programs are effective for long term compared to other programs that a effective for a short time period. We educate children and adults that bullying is not an acceptable behavior and how it effects the other person’s life.

According to, bullying is an unwanted, aggressive behavior among school-aged children that involves a real or perceived threat.

Successful Anti Bullying Programs for Elementary, Middle & High Schools

Our anti bullying programs are successful in stop bullying for elementary, middle, high schools and colleges. It’s PlayTyme Game Shows prides itself as an edutainment initiative that creates the conversation about bullying and bullying prevention. Bullying must be handled with care, because certain situations can quickly escalate for victims. Creating dialogue and getting students to engage in the conversation is the first step in eradicating bullying.

There are numerous types of bullying, and giving students the knowledge they need to prevent it is what we do. Anti bullying activities and programs from It’s PlayTyme Game Shows are the perfect tool to help speakers compound their message to audience members.

We are able to jump right in after a lecture or film presentation and transform the room into a more exciting, fun and creative learning experience.

Anti Bullying Programs for Schools

Anti Bullying Programs & Activities for School Assembly that Work

Finding effective anti bulling programs and activities for school assembly is hard. Lots of question pop up in mind. Do they really work?

If so, how long can they be effective? With our anti bullying programs, you don’t need to worry about this stuff anymore. We stop bulling with care.

We get students to get engage in activities where they work as a team. Students engage, communicate and understand each other while working in teams.

These team building activities involves mental and physical skills. Kids get a good chance to express their skills and help their team in succeeding.

This way they get noticed and respect in their team as well the whole school.

If students are educated with anti bullying programs they will always choose respect vs bullying.

Do Anti Bullying Programs Work? Are They Effective?

Stop bullying on the spot by educating. Else it can cause serious health problems.

Research shows that if bullying stops if it is responded as not acceptable behavior.

Our anti bullying programs with the help of parents and teachers prevent bullying by talking about it and educating the kids and adults on how to stop it.

Thus, building a safe environment in schools and help in the stoppage of bullying community wise.

According to University of California, these programs are effective and help in improving self-esteem among bullied kids and adults.

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