Game Show Programs for Casinos and Resorts – Experiential Marketing

We have interactive game show programs for casinos and resorts. We have the list of promotions, engagement and experimental marketing programs for your to choose for your players and audirnces. It’s PlayTyme Game Shows has created a large variety of interactive group activities and event entertainment that test knowledge, improve morale and educate audiences from five years old to 85 years old. Campers, in particular, love our Family Feud style game, which has been our most requested show to date. We also integrate trivia to see who is smarter than a fifth grader and the outcome is hilarious.

  • Comedy Game Shows
  • Festivals
  • Themed Trivia Tournaments
Game Show Programs for Casinos and Resorts

Interactive Programs for Casinos and Resorts

We provide interactive programs for casinos and resorts to draw traffic. Our interactive promotions game shows are awesome to engage players and built loyalty. People always love game shows. Give them a chance to participate in a “Live TV Style Game Shows” and you will be amazed with the results. Interactive entertainment is our specialty. We have lots of game shows to make your promotional event successful. We are flexible and can work with your marketing team as well to get you the desired results for casinos and resorts.

Marketing and Promotion Programs

Looking for marketing and promotions programs at casinos and resorts? We understand your needs. Every casino wants to reward their players with promotion. Hire us and we will bring the audience to your casino as well as the entertainment. Get a free quote or call us at (201)-357-2979.




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