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Family Feud Questions

So, you made it to this blog because you love “Family Feud” and you’re searching for other family feud questions?  Do you want to host one at your next meeting or social event?

You’ve searched long and hard on google for something interactive that will boost morale and have fun with your group.

If you’re an event planner or on a committee planning a corporate event and would like to foster teamwork, hosting a fast and furious game show activity of  “Feud” may be your answer.

By participating in a group survey game, colleagues can get to know each other just a little better all while having fun. This game helps build stronger bonds, and improve collaboration and communication within the workplace.

Since Family Feud is a high-energy, fast-paced, beat-the-clock, competitive game, it can help alleviate stress and provide a much-needed break from the everyday grind.

So, we decided to provide you with our top feud questions for the following 5 categories to help in the decision-making process:

Family Feud Question categories

  • Feud survey questions for work
  • Feud survey questions about holiday parties
  • Feud survey questions for adults
  • Feud survey questions about men
  • Feud survey questions about women


  1. Name a common complaint about one’s job?
  2. Name a reason someone might use a sick day?
  3. Name a job that requires a lot of public speaking?
  4. Name a job that requires a lot of attention to detail?
  5. Name a job that requires a lot of traveling?
  6. Name a skill that is important for success in any job?
  7. Name a company known for its great work culture?
  8. Name something people do to pass the time at work?
  9. Name a job that requires physical strength?
  10. Name the type of technology commonly used in the workplace?
  11. Name something you don’t want your nosey co-worker see you doing?



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  1. Name a gift that is often given during the holiday season?
  2. What do you need to wrap a gift?
  3. Name a food or drink that is traditionally served at holiday parties?
  4. Name a popular Christmas song?
  5. Name a popular holiday movie?
  6. Name a Christmas song that’s often played at holiday parties?
  7. Name a popular holiday destination?
  8. Name a holiday tradition that is practiced in another country?
  9. Name a place people might go to see holiday lights?





  1. Name a food that is guaranteed to give you bad breath?
  2. What do you find in a haunted house?
  3. Name a place where people are likely to be caught picking their noses?
  4. Name a type of animal that’s known to be sneaky?
  5. Name a household chore that’s never been done to your satisfaction?
  6. Name a fruit or vegetable that’s shaped like a phallic symbol?
  7. Name the type of weather that is uncomfortable to be in?
  8. Name a body part that’s prone to sweating?
  9. Name a celebrity that’s known for their bad fashion sense?


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  1. Name something that men are afraid to admit they like?
  2. Name something a 50-year-old man do to feel young again?
  3. Name a type of animal that men secretly wish they could be?
  4. Name something that men are secretly afraid of?
  5. Name something that men secretly wished they could do all day?
  6. Name a type of food that men are obsessed with?
  7. Name a hobby men secretly enjoy?





  1. What do women lie about?
  2. Name something women wished they could do all day?
  3. Name a body part women are most self-conscious about?
  4. Name a popular chick flick?
  5. Name something women are often embarrassed to admit they like?
  6. Name some ways women release stress?
  7. Name a job that most women apply for?


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FAQ – Family Feud Surveys

What Are The Most Popular Categories Of Questions In Family Feud?

Family Feud is a popular quiz game show that has been around for decades. The premise of the show is that two families compete to answer questions and create the longest chain of correct answers in order to win prizes.

The most popular categories of questions are often those which require quick thinking and knowledge on a variety of topics.

Questions in Family Feud range from general trivia to pop culture, covering everything from sports to science to current events. This allows players of all ages and backgrounds to engage with the game while ensuring that the answers remain interesting

From classic ‘Name something you might find in an office’ questions to humorous ‘Name something cats do better than dogs’ prompts, there’s something for everyone when playing this game.

The wide variety of questions also ensures that players stay engaged throughout the game.

While some may be more familiar with certain categories than others, everyone can participate trying to guess all the answers and helping their group become the winning team.

With hundreds of possible category combinations, each round promises unique challenges and fun surprises – making Family Feud a timeless favorite for both young and old alike!


How Can I Make My Family Feud Game Night More Fun And Interactive?



Making team builders or game nights more fun and interactive can be a difficult task, especially if the same game is being played every time.

However, with a bit of creativity, it’s possible to make Family Feud game night something that everyone looks forward to.

There are several ways to make the experience more enjoyable for all participants.

Step #1 – Use Props or Costumes

One easy way to increase engagement is by using props or costumes during the game. This can help players get into character and let them express themselves in a new way.

Additionally, coming up with creative team names or sharing stories related to the questions can add an extra layer of fun and excitement to the experience.

Step #2 – Get Creative with Scoring

Another great way to liven up family feud game night is to get creative with scoring.

Instead of just keeping track of individual points, try introducing special rewards for certain achievements like guessing a hard question right or guessing within a certain amount of time.

This will keep everyone on their toes and encourage competition among players.

Incorporating these ideas into your family feud game night will surely make it much more entertaining and engaging than before!

With some out-of-the-box thinking, you can turn your next game night into an unforgettable experience.

What Are Some Strategies For Winning A Game Of Family Feud?

Step #1 – Pay Attention

Pay attention to the question and answer quickly. If you know the answer right away, it is important to buzz in as fast as possible because the other players will be trying to beat you to it.

Try not to second-guess yourself; if you know an answer, trust your initial instinct and go with it.

 Step #2 – Work Together

One additional strategy for winning feud involves working together with your team.

You don’t have to all agree on an answer but you should be able to brainstorm and come up with possibilities that you can then decide upon as a group.

This collaboration among players allows for more potential answers and therefore higher scores.

It’s also important to pay attention while the other team’s playing so that you can better anticipate their responses when it’s your turn.

This way, if someone else has already said something similar, you can think of something different that might be accepted by the host.

Are There Any Creative Variations On The Traditional Family Feud Rules?

Adding creative variations to the traditional rules of a game can be a great way to keep things fresh and entertaining.

One variation of the traditional rules of Family Feud could involve changing the point system.

For example, awarding bonus points for particularly difficult answers or reducing points for wrong answers can add another layer of complexity to the game.

Additionally, allowing players to collaborate by forming teams could also be fun. It might even make it easier for more timid players to contribute their answers without being put on the spot by opponents.

Whether you’re looking for a way to spice up your meeting or family game night, introducing creative variations on traditional rules is sure to add some fun and excitement. So why not give it a try?

How Can I Generate My Own Family Feud Questions?


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Generating your own Family Feud questions can be a great way to add some customization and creativity to a team-builder or game night.

Whether you’re looking for a fresh twist on the traditional rules or coming up with an entire list of new questions, there are lots of ways to get creative.

To start, brainstorm a few topics that could be used as categories in the game. These can be anything from “Famous Landmarks” to “Types of Cheese.”

Once you’ve come up with a few topics, it’s time to fill out each category with appropriate questions.

Depending on the complexity of your topics, questions can range from simple answers like “What color is the Eiffel Tower?” to more challenging ones such as “Name five different types of blue cheese.”

With just a little bit of creativity and effort, you can create your own unique Family Feud questions and make the game night even more enjoyable for everyone involved.



Key Takeaways

In conclusion, Family Feud is a great game to play with family, friends and co-workers. Popular categories of questions include pop culture, current events, and everyday life.

To make the game more fun and interactive, use props or come up with creative variations on the traditional rules.

Hosting a live “Family Feud” game show can be used as an icebreaker to increase employee morale.

This can be done either by creating one yourself or finding a professional entertainment company to facilitate one for you.


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