Top 10 Fun Welcome Back To the Office Ideas

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Lisa Lawrence

Written by Lisa Lawrence

Lisa Lawrence. is a certified facilitator and team building expert with over 12 years of experience in the field.  She has a passion for helping to build stronger teams and has worked with a wide range of fortune 500 businesses to improve communication and boost morale in the New York City Metro Area.

January 5, 2024

In this article we list the top 10 welcome back to the office ideas:and other fun ways to reignite enthusiasm post-pandemic.

As we navigate the post-pandemic return to the office, it’s essential to infuse the work environment with enthusiasm and energy.

Whether you’re struggling with motivation or just looking for ways to make the transition smoother, these creative and engaging ideas are sure to add a spark of fun to your return to work



welcome back – long time no see

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Key Takeaways

  • Welcome back to work at the office.  You can make it a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone by introducing team building activities,
    office decorating ideas, an office scavenger hunt, a company barbecue, and a welcome back breakfast.
  • Get creative and have fun with theme days or office Olympics. Add some inspiration with posters or wall art to remind everyone why they love their job.
  • With these ideas, your team will be excited and motivated to come back to the office after the pandemic.
  • These ideas aim to create a positive and exciting atmosphere as your staff returns to the office, post-pandemic.  Feel free to adapt and tailor them to suit your organization’s culture and preferences.

From team building activities to live band karaoke to office decorating ideas, these tips will help make your workplace feel like home again and get everyone excited for the new normal at work ahead.

Let’s jump right in!

Top 10 Fun Welcome Back To the Office Ideas

1.  Team Builder or Off-site Retreat Activity

Let’s get the team back together and have some team bonding time held in the office or plan a retreat off-site.

According to Tinypulse, “Team play and collaboration are the top trait employees love about their co-workers”.



HR trands in 2023

HR trands in 2023 – Focus on Well being #1


Organizers aiming to re-establish those connections and rejuvenate team dynamics, should consider planning a team builder either on  or off-site after a prolonged period of remote work due to the pandemic.

Consider arranging workshops, interactive activities and team-building exercises so that employees can rediscover their shared purpose.

Have each member of the team provide an update on what they’ve been up to since they last worked together.  This will help everyone catch up and reconnect.

You can also plan fun events both onsite and off like office scavenger hunts, escape rooms, or host a live game show.

These activities will give your team something fun to look forward to after being away from each other for such a long time.

2.  Decorate the Office

Upon returning to the office, why not spruce up its decor in order to create an inviting atmosphere?

Office decorating ideas can range from simple solutions such as adding notes of encouragement or inspirational quotes around the office, to more elaborate projects like painting walls or rearranging furniture.

You could also consider allowing employees to dress in relaxed attire for a few days after their return. This will help them feel comfortable and at ease while they get back into the swing of things.

Adding plants or flowers is another great way to bring life and color into the office space. These are just some of the many office decorating ideas that can help make your team’s return to work more enjoyable.

3.  Conduct an Office Scavenger Hunt

Unlock the full potential of your workplace by challenging your team with an exciting office scavenger hunts.  Get creative and think outside the box as you explore every corner of the office in search of clues.

Make your comeback to work a memorable one by setting up a fun scavenger hunt around the office.

This is a great way to get everyone engaged and excited for their return, while also helping them re-familiarize themselves with their workplace after time away.

Plus, it helps break up any awkwardness that can come along with returning to work after such a long absence.

So gather your team, create some clues to follow, and get ready for an awesome office reentry experience, post pandemic.  .



Glad to be back at the office

4.  Company-wide Outdoor Picnic or Summertime Barbecue

Reconnect with your colleagues by planning a day of food and fun.

Nothing rekindles time spirit more than the combination of delicious food, fresh air, and a relaxed atmosphere.

Don’t forget to engage in friendly competition, play interactive games, and enjoy the camaraderie

Picture your employees mingling, laughter filling the air, and connections being strengthened as they enjoy a delightful spread of mouthwatering dishes amidst a scenic outdoor setting.

With the sun shining and a vibrant ambiance, this casual and enjoyable event will create a sense of unity and rejuvenation among your team, setting the stage for a productive and harmonious return to the office.

Embrace the power of good food, shared experiences, and the beauty of nature to make your staff feel valued, appreciated, and excited about being back together again.

5.  Welcome Back Breakfast or Lunch

Enjoy a ‘Welcome Back’ lunch to celebrate the “return to work” and reconnect in an exciting way.

Whether it’s at the office or at an offsite, taking time to have a meal together is a great way for staff to get reacquainted again.

If you decide to host the celebration at the office, consider making it a potluck with each person bringing their favorite dish.

If you prefer, order catering from one of your favorite local restaurants.

For added fun, why not make it a themed event?   Have everyone dress up based on their favorite recreational pursuits or movie characters.

This will help break the ice and create laughs as you all return to office life.

To make sure that everyone has something they can enjoy, be sure to include vegan and vegetarian options in the menu.

With this simple yet enjoyable welcome back lunch idea, you’ll be sure to start your workweek off right.

6.  Icebreaker Games


Icebreaker Questions for Meetings

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Bring the team together with a few fun icebreaker games to break the monotony and help everyone reconnect.

There always is a need for icebreakers for getting people to greet each other again after being away for so long.

Need ideas?  Kick off your event with these kind of icebreaker games.  :

  • Bucket List Swap: Have participants partner up in two or four and share three items from their bucket lists.
    Each person takes turns discussing their three items while their partner actively listens. Afterward, partners discuss commonalities, unique aspirations, and any shared interests or goals.
  • A guessing game – Give clues about a co-worker and have the team guess who it is.
  • Show & Tell – Just like when we were in elementary school.  Have each person bring an interesting object from home or share something personal about themselves

These additional icebreaker ideas provide opportunities for participants to share personal experiences, engage in collaborative storytelling, and explore shared aspirations

7.  Office Olympics or Trivia Night


Trivia Night NJ

Trivia Night NJ – It’s Playtyme!


Experience the joy of reconnecting with your colleagues through hosting Office Olympics or trivia night.  Compete and bond with your team like never before.

This choice is perfect for organizers seeking to create an unforgettable experience that combines excitement, team bonding, with a touch of nostalgia.

Gather your employees for a day or evening filled with laughter, camaraderie, and a healthy dose of friendly rivalry.

Traditional Olympic-style games like relay races, tug-of-war, and obstacle courses to engaging trivia challenges that test their knowledge will bring out the competitive spirit in your team.

By choosing this option, you’ll create an event that not only celebrates their return to the office but also highlights their resilience and ability to overcome challenges.

Allow your employees to unwind, showcase their skills, and embark on this exciting new chapter together.

8.  Themed Dress-up Days

Make the most of your office environment and bring everyone together with themed days; it’s a great way to invigorate and enrich work life.

Dress-up days, where everyone comes in informal clothing, to office-themed bingo or collective misremembering games, you can have fun while still getting work done.

Themed days also offer an opportunity for cross-departmental collaboration.

Different departments can come together to create fun activities that are both meaningful and entertaining.  You can create teams or have individuals compete in different office-themed activities.

Give your staff a break and let them show their personality through themed days.  It’s sure to make coming back to work after time off more enjoyable.


sports trivia

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For example:

  • Superheroes vs. Villains Day: Let your employees release their inner superheroes or embrace their mischievous side by dressing up as their favorite fictional characters.
  • Sports Trivia Challenge (Rep Your Team)  – Show your team’s competitive spirit by hosting a sports-themed party.
    Whether it’s a specific sport or a general sports theme, encourage employees to wear their favorite team jerseys and enjoy games and other challenges.
  • Game Show Night – Gather your colleagues and prepare for an interactive and thrilling game show night as they become the contestants in a series of fast-paced challenges.
    From classic trivia quizzes related to pop culture to physical challenges to hosting your very own Family Feud game.


Game Show Set

Feud Game Show Set – Welcome Back from Indeed


Having these kind of events encourages healthy competition, boosts morale, and leaves a lasting positive impact on employee engagement and workplace relationships.

Every moment will be filled with laughter, friendly rivalry, and unforgettable memories.

9.  Inspirational Posters

Welcoming back your employees with inspirational posters can be an effective way to promote a positive, productive work environment.

Whether you draw on famous quotes, words of wisdom, or even funny statements, having uplifting messages displayed throughout the office can give your team members something to look forward to when they get back to work.

Here are some suggestions for creating memorable posters:

1. Use quotes that are meaningful and relevant to the work being done — these could be from industry leaders, historical figures, or even fictitious characters.
2. Present suggestions that help motivate employees — such as setting reasonable goals or breaking down long-term tasks into smaller steps.
3. Include images that make people think critically about their environment and how it affects their job performance.
4. Create false memories that remind employees of happy times and why they chose this career path in the first place!

No matter which route you go, using inspirational posters is a great way to welcome everyone back and get them excited about working together again.

10.  Happy Hour or Cocktail Party

Encourage employees to meet and connect with other colleagues from different departments or teams during a welcome back to the office happy hour.

Offer a selection of delicious food and drink tastings, such as wine, cheese, craft beer, or gourmet appetizers.


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Arrange for live entertainment such as a local band, a DJ, or a performer to add a lively and engaging element/

Take a moment to recognize and celebrate employee achievements or milestones as well.

This can be done through an announcement, a short speech, or even presenting small tokens of appreciation.

It’s also imperative for employers to provide ample time for their staff to engage in casual conversations and socialize with one another after work hours.

Frequently Asked Questions – Welcome Back to Work Ideas


frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

How can I motivate my team to participate in these ideas?

As a leader, it’s important to motivate your team and get them excited about returning to work. One great way to do this is by introducing fun welcome back ideas that spark their enthusiasm.

Try explaining the purpose of these activities – how they can help build morale, increase collaboration, and promote camaraderie through shared experiences.

Ask for their input on what kind of activities they’d like to do or even offer incentives for participation.

Not only will this make them feel included in the process but also give them something to look forward to!

What are some creative ways to decorate the office?

Welcome back to the office! Liven up your work space with some creative decorations.

You can hang string lights, create a mural with colorful post-its, or display photos of the team’s favorite memories together.

Transform any dull areas into vibrant and inviting places that will make you look forward to coming in everyday.

There are countless ways to decorate and customize your office, so get creative and have fun!

What supplies are needed for an office scavenger hunt?

Organizing an office scavenger hunt can be a fun way to welcome back employees after vacation or remote work. To make the event successful, you’ll need some supplies.

Gather items like pens and paper for note taking, prizes for participants who complete the challenge first, small objects that can be hidden around the office for clues, and rewards to hand out at the end of the game.

Make sure to print off a list of tasks for each participant before beginning so everyone knows what they’re looking for.

How can I plan a company outing on a budget?

Planning a company outing on a budget can be tricky, but it’s not impossible.

Start by finding out what activities everyone is interested in and look for free or discounted options.

If members of your team have access to discounts through their work or organizations they belong to, take advantage of those as well!

Consider hosting the event outdoors where you don’t have to pay facility fees. You could also ask local businesses if anyone would be willing to donate items like food, beverages, decorations, etc.

Finally, set a budget limit for each person so everyone knows how much they can spend and stick to it!

What are some budget-friendly welcome back lunch ideas?

Welcome back to work! If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to celebrate your colleagues’ return, why not organize a lunch?

Make it extra special by preparing a potluck – everyone brings something they like and can afford.

Ask each person to bring enough of their dish for the whole group, or assign different dishes and have each person take charge of one item.

This way, no one has to worry about spending too much money but you’ll still get to enjoy delicious food together.



Game shows for Team Building

Game shows for Team Building


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