Quick Games to Boost Morale in NJ & NYC


Searching for some quick games to boost morale and energize your team?

Look no further!  We listed some game show ideas to transform your workplace into a hub of excitement and camaraderie.

Imagine the excitement as your group engages in friendly competition, answering questions and tackling exciting challenges.

Choosing an exciting game show activity will inject a burst of energy and laughter.  They also bring out hidden talents and abilities of all participants involved.

From the thrill of quick thinking to the joy of teamwork, game shows create unforgettable moments and strengthen bonds.

But that’s not all!  These shows can be seamlessly integrated into your office space, allowing for a convenient, budget friendly and immersive experience right at your doorstep.

Some examples of high-energy game show activities are listed below.

Let’s take a look.

Quick Morale Boosting Activities

Game Shows for Corporate Events

Game shows to boost morale

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Why are Morale Boosting Activities in the Workplace Important?

Engaging in fun morale boosting experiences can have a transformative effect on your team.

As a team leader, you hold the power to create an uplifting and productive work environment. That’s where these activities come into play.

These games inject energy, motivation, and positivity into your team’s daily routine.

They also provide an opportunity to break the ice and free yourself from daily monotony, and ignite creativity, to strengthen team bonds.

Whether it’s team-building exercises, fun challenges, or creative workshops, morale boosting activities can revitalize spirits, enhance collaboration, and improve job satisfaction.

By investing in morale boosting activities, you’ll empower your team to overcome challenges, foster a supportive culture, and ultimately achieve remarkable success together.

In this article, we will introduce a variety of  exciting games that highlight friendly competition and collaboration, check out the list below:

1)  The Jeopardy Challenge Game Show | Length 30 – 60 Minutes | Tournaments 90 – 2 Hours

Jeopardy Challenge

Jeopardy Challenge

Bring the exhilarating game of “Jeopardy Challenge” into your workplace and watch the incredible boost in team morale!

This legendary game show format brings team members head-to-head to compete and showcase their knowledge and quick thinking.

You can use “Jeopardy” as a tool to uplift your team by customizing the game categories and questions to align with your company’s goals.

Be sure to include outrageous categories to keep the game interesting.  Co-workers will participate against each other eagerly for a chance to win the prizes of your choice.

The interactive nature of the game fosters healthy competition, encourages active participation, and improves teamwork as individuals collaborate to strategize and provide answers.

A sense of achievement and celebration comes with correct responses and winning moments that fosters a positive and motivated work environment.

This game is very popular in many sales departments, across the nation, as it’s used as a training tool to cover important topics.

The Challenge usually lasts for about 30-45 minutes, and allows the contestants to answer clues, pictures and audio clips to rack up points with the final, winner takes all, one-question at the end.

Embrace the power of “Jeopardy Challenge”.  It will spark enthusiasm, deepen knowledge, and strengthen bonds among your team members ultimately leading to improved morale and overall success.

By playing this game, you will witness the transformative impact in your group.

2)  Word Play Game – (Wheel of Fortune) | Length – 45 Minutes | Tournaments – 90 Minutes




Elevate your team’s morale with the popular game show “Wheel of Fortune”!

Witness your team’s excitement as they spin a digital spinning wheel, solve puzzles, and win fabulous prizes.

This particular wheel also has with two bankrupt wedges and one lose a turn, both of which forfeit the contestant’s turn, just like on television.

This puzzle game will have all participants on edge while awaiting their turn to solve puzzles and win fabulous prizes.

Every round consist of the category and a blank word puzzle, with each blank showing a letter in the answer.

With simple rules, participants spin the wheel, guess letters, and unravel word puzzles.

Yet, the true magic lies in the spirited atmosphere it creates. “Wheel of Fortune” fosters teamwork, collaboration, and celebration.

The thrill of spinning, the suspense of revealing hidden letters, and the joy of solving together forge unforgettable moments that strengthen team bonds.

Incorporating this game will infuse your workplace with enthusiasm, engagement, and unity.


3)  60 Seconds of Fame – (Minute To Win It) | Length – 60 Minutes | Tournaments – 2 Hours


Stack em Up - Minute to Win It

Stack em Up – Minute to Win It

Ignite your team’s motivation and uplift their spirits with the thrilling game show “Minute to Win It”!

Leaders have a tool that will engage and energize their team. Your team members will take on a series of thrilling challenges within a minute testing their speed, precision, and creativity.

In “Minute to Win It,” participants must complete tasks using everyday household objects.

The game’s fast-paced nature creates a sense of urgency and exhilaration, fostering healthy competition and camaraderie.

As team members cheer each other on and celebrate victories, morale soars. The game’s inclusive and lighthearted nature encourages active participation and teamwork, transcending hierarchies.

By incorporating “Minute to Win It” as a morale boosting activity, you create a fun, engaging, and positive workspace.

Your team’s motivation will ultimately skyrocket as they tackle these 60 second challenges, overcome obstacles, and celebrate shared achievements.

To plan a minute to win it party you’ll need to choose a selection of 60 second games.  The popular game show will come with props, engineer, sound, lights and your group will provide all the action.


4)  Name That Hit Song – (Shazam Style Trivia) | Length – 45 Minutes | Tournaments – 90 Minutes





Who doesn’t listening to music?  We all grow up with our favorite songs in many difference categories.

Here is the chance for your team to showcase their hidden musical talents.

Participants will  listen to the instrumental version of popular songs and guess the artist, year or title of the song within a few seconds.

How many songs can your team name correctly?  How many artist can you recognize? How fast are you at hitting the buzzer?

Play 2 teams against each other (each round) and see who is the real music maniac amongst your friends.


5)  Face-2-Face Feud (Family Feud Surveys) | Length – 45 Minutes | Tournaments – 90 Minutes


Face 2 Face Family Feud

Face 2 Face Family Feud

Our interactive Face-2-Face Feud team building activity will make you feel like you’re on the TV show itself (only without millions of people watching you).

Face-2-Face Feud is one of our most popular, and easy-to-facilitate activity, as it requires practically no skill/knowledge, and relies solely on the contestants ability to think quickly.

People of all ages, and backgrounds, can successfully play this game that is perfect for Holiday Parties, Corporate Team Building Gatherings, and other Corporate Entertainment.

This game can be tailored to suit all budgets and production needs.


6)  Lip Sync / Tik Tok Challenge (Karoke/Dance) | Length – 45 Minutes | Tournaments – 90 Minutes


Team Building Activities

Lip Sync Challenge


Bring out your team’s inner rock stars with our Lip Sync Challenge game show.  This exciting game show is the ultimate platform to discover the star performers within your team

During the Lip Sync Challenge, team members will have the opportunity to channel their inner rock stars and showcase their favorite songs.

It’s a Karaoke-style extravaganza where participants create mesmerizing performances, and compete for the title of Lip Sync Champion.

A panel of judges or the entire audience can be engaged to determine the winners based on various criteria like creativity, stage presence, and overall entertainment value.

Winners are celebrated and rewarded for their outstanding performances.  It’s a surefire way to create  electrifying atmosphere where talents shine, spirits soar, and team morale reaches new heights..  Rock on!

Frequently Asked Questions – Morale Boosting Activities


frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

What are morale boosting activities?

Morale boosting activities are dynamic and engaging experiences specifically designed to inject energy, motivation, and positivity into your team’s daily routine.
These activities break free from monotony, foster creativity, and enhance job satisfaction.

How can game shows boost team morale?

Game shows are highly effective in boosting team morale as they bring excitement, friendly competition, and a sense of camaraderie to the workplace.

By engaging in these interactive experiences, team members can showcase their skills, talents, and knowledge, leading to a more motivated and enthusiastic team.

Can the game shows be customized to align with our company’s goals?

Absolutely! Our game shows can be fully customized to align with your company’s unique goals, values, and themes.

The game categories, questions, and challenges to create a personalized and impactful experience that resonates with your organization’s objectives.

Can the game shows be conveniently held in our office space?

Yes, our game shows can be seamlessly conducted in your office space, eliminating the need for external venues.

We transform your workplace into an exciting game show arena, providing a convenient and immersive experience for your team.

How long do the game shows typically last?

The duration of our game shows can be tailored to fit your preferences and requirements.

Individual game show sessions usually range from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the specific game and level of customization.

Are the game shows suitable for teams of all sizes?

A: Absolutely! Our game shows are designed to accommodate teams of various sizes.

Whether you have a small team or a large organization, our game shows can be adapted to ensure everyone can participate and enjoy the experience.

Can these kind of game shows be utilized as effective team-building exercises?

Certainly! Our game shows serve as excellent team-building exercises. They foster collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills among team members.

The interactive nature of the game shows encourages individuals to work together towards a common goal, creating a more cohesive and supportive team environment.

If I have specific requirements or questions not covered here, what should I do?

We are here to assist you! If you have specific requirements, questions, or concerns regarding our game shows or morale boosting activities.

Feel free to reach out to us at (201)-357-2979 or email info@itsplaytyme.com.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the information and support you need for a successful and impactful event.

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December 27, 2023


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