Experiential marketing trends are all about taking your events to the next level. Question is, are you on top of these? In order to stay competitive, we recommend you read the information below.

If you’re ready to take your NYC event to another level, you need to incorporate some new experiential marketing trends.

Drawing customer into a marketing event is always a bit tricky – people are generally skeptical of marketing, and only 10% agree that marketers effectively communicate with them.

To get attention, try these experiential marketing strategies.

Provide an Immersive Brand Experience

To generate buzz, create a complex event and limit the number of participants.

The “exclusive” nature of the event will create a draw and people will want to be part of it.

An excellent example of this kind of immersive experience is Bud Light’s “Whatever, USA” marketing campaign. For months, they used the phrase “Up for Whatever” and teased the event on television commercials, social media, and more.

In the end, 1,000 fans had the experience of a lifetime.  They all came together in Crested Butte, CO for a giant party. However, the marketing campaign engaged millions of people.

Take Advantage of Wearable Technology

One in six consumers currently owns/uses a wearable device, which makes it a great way to create experiential marketing.

Smart wristbands are an experiential marketing trend that can make your marketing event more interactive and attract more attendees.

Smart wristbands can receive alerts as well as create engagement through games and more. Wearing these devices, participants can be alerted to performances that begin or special events they’ve signed up to know about.

Food vendors can use them to let customers at your event know when their orders are ready as well, eliminating confusion and frustration at a common event bottleneck.

Use Live Streaming to Increase Access

If the idea of having a lot of attendees at a local experiential event seems overwhelming to your staffing and budget, consider using live streaming to create an experience that people can participate in both locally and from further away.

Facebook Live is growing in popularity and has already been used to broadcast major events like protests, the presidential inauguration, and more. By using live streaming on a platform already used by millions of people, you gain access to a large audience without a large cost.

Use Brand Ambassadors at Your NYC Event

It’s one thing for your marketing staff to tell prospects about your product or service, but it’s far better if you can get existing happy customers to tell the story for you.

Having brand ambassadors circulate through your event is an experiential marketing trend you can’t miss out on.

Create a program for a particular event – you can recruit influencers or create an open call for customers to apply. Offer incentives for participation, and watch as your raving fans create new customers for your business.

Host a Live TV Style Game Show

People love to compete and have fun, and a live game show is an experiential marketing trend that can draw a lot of interest to your event.

The great thing about a game show is that only a few people have to participate, but the activity itself will draw a lot of interest from attendees and passerby. This can help build your brand, generate engagement, and create a positive brand experience for participants.

The buzz afterward can create even more interest in your next event!

Experimental Marketing Trends and You

If you want your next live event in NYC to be a huge success, taking advantage of experiential marketing trends is a must.

Experiential marketing breaks through people’s natural cynicism and draws them in in a unique way.

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