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Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful team.  In this article, we highlight 9 game shows to enhance communication in a team building event.

Incorporating game shows can be an excellent and unique way to foster communication skills among team members.

These interactive and engaging activities create a fun and relaxed atmosphere, encouraging participants to communicate openly and effectively.

Here are nine exciting game show activities that can enhance communication during a team building event:

9 Game Shows to Enhance Communication






1. Name that Hit Song

Bring your team building event to the next level with the fast paced musical challenge inspired by the renowned “Shazam!” game show.

Imagine the thrill as participants dive into a dynamic competition, testing their musical acumen and teamwork.

This engaging activity revolves around identifying songs from short snippets, adding an exhilarating twist to your event.

In this fast-paced showdown, participants listen to a snippet of a song and race to guess its title and artist.

The rush of hitting the buzzer in record time adds an element of friendly competition and excitement.

Points are earned not only for accuracy but also for the swiftness of response, creating a high-energy atmosphere that’s perfect for team bonding.

“Shazam!” draws from a diverse range of music genres, challenging participants’ musical knowledge and memory.

As teams work together to decipher these melodic puzzles, their collaboration and communication skills are put to the test, fostering a deeper sense of unity.

Even the audience becomes part of the experience, cheering on contestants racing against the clock to identify hit songs.

By selecting “Name that hit song” as a team-building tool, you’re not only guaranteeing a blast for your participants but also creating a unique platform for teamwork, quick thinking, and shared accomplishment.

Make your next event memorable by choosing this game and witness the power of music in forging stronger connections among your team members.



2. Pictionary Showdown

Imagine a super fun team-building activity that’s all about drawing and guessing. It’s called Pictionary Showdown, and it’s as exciting as Charades Challenge.

In this game, teams draw pictures to show words or phrases, and their friends try to guess them. It’s a bit like a race against time and sparks lots of creativity and teamwork.

People get to be artists, and everyone has to work together to solve the drawings. Pictionary Showdown is not just a game; it’s a way to have a blast, be creative, and bond with your team.

So, consider incorporating Pictionary Showdown at your next team builder and get ready for a lively and collaborative adventure!


3. Face-2-Face Feud




Energize your team building efforts with the captivating “Face-2-Face Feud” game. Imagine the excitement of the popular Family Feud TV show adapted for your corporate event.  With a remarkable history spanning more than a decade, it stands as the ultimate icebreaker that forges connections.

“Face-2-Face Feud” isn’t just a game; it’s a pathway to enhanced teamwork. Participants collaborate to answer questions, aiming to match the opinions of many.

It’s a novel approach to the classic TV game that encourages unity and spirited competition.

This game is tailor-made for team building. It sparks conversations, triggers laughter, and nurtures healthy rivalry in a way that tightens bonds.

The simplicity lies in forming teams, and the performers ensure that the entertainment and camaraderie flow seamlessly.

Opt for “Face-2-Face Feud” to amplify communication and teamwork within your team.

Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience that brings your team closer in an atmosphere of shared fun and camaraderie.


4. The Communication Web

Elevate your team-building experience by utilizing the Communication Web game as a dynamic icebreaker. As participants stand in a circle, a ball of yarn becomes the conduit for shared thoughts and ideas.

This activity not only promotes open dialogue and active listening but can also serve as an engaging icebreaker.

Imagine starting a team-building event with the Communication Web. As the yarn travels from one person to another, it doesn’t just weave a symbolic web of communication; it creates connections between team members.

This shared experience encourages participants to break down barriers, spark conversations, and get to know each other in a novel way. It’s like a friendly introduction wrapped in a metaphorical yarn, setting a warm and inclusive tone for the entire event.

The Communication Web, used as an icebreaker, not only establishes a foundation of effective communication but also cultivates an atmosphere of camaraderie from the very beginning.

This simple yet powerful activity kickstarts connections, making the subsequent team-building activities more meaningful and cohesive.

So, consider incorporating the Communication Web as an icebreaker and watch how it unravels inhibitions and weaves bonds among your team members.


5. Word Play Puzzles






Elevate your corporate event with a captivating word game reminiscent of Wheel of Fortune, called Word Play! Experience the thrill without the fortune, but with all the excitement. Our unique Word Play game brings customizable fun to the forefront.

Customize the game by adding your own slogans, favorite TV shows, iconic movies, beloved celebrities, and catchy phrases. This isn’t just any word game; it’s the ultimate life-sized experience. Perfect for team-building and breaking the ice among colleagues, Word Play offers a fresh and engaging twist.

Participants get to electronically “spin the wheel,” determining the point values of their letter guesses. This interactive element adds an extra layer of enthusiasm and competition, making the game even more exhilarating.

Thinking outside the box has never been more rewarding. Be the hero of the office by booking this unconventional group activity that adds a touch of excitement and bonding to your team-building event.

Don’t miss out on the chance to create lasting memories while enjoying a game that’s both entertaining and impactful. Reserve your Word Play experience today and watch your team thrive in a fun-filled environment that fosters unity and collaboration.

6. Minute to Win it


Stack em Up - Minute to Win It

Stack em Up – Minute to Win It


Minute to Win It games are a fantastic way to kick off a team meeting with loads of fun and excitement. These challenges require team members to collaborate closely and devise strategies to solve tasks within just 60 seconds.

The time crunch adds a thrilling edge, infusing the challenges with energy and vigor. While incorporating these activities,

it’s essential to balance them with other relaxing exercises that allow the mind to unwind.

The creativity of participants also flourishes during these enjoyable physical trials. When people are having fun, their minds become more open and imaginative.

This can lead to the birth of innovative ideas and solutions, benefiting both the team and the entire organization.

The element of timing and the moderate complexity of these challenges foster a friendly spirit of competition and enthusiasm among team members.

When colleagues unite to conquer a common goal, like completing a Minute to Win It challenge, a shared bond is created, fostering unity and camaraderie within the team.

Moreover, these games present an opportunity for team members to learn new skills, explore uncharted territory, and step beyond their comfort zones.

This can be especially engaging for individuals who might not have participated in team-building activities before.

Basically, Minute to Win It games inject a burst of refreshing dynamism into team dynamics, promoting unity, creativity, and a renewed sense of shared accomplishment.

7. Game Show Mania – Trivia


Trivia - Game show Mania

Trivia – Game show Mania


Game Show Mania Trivia is an elimination game that tests participants’ knowledge on various interesting topics.

To win the game, teams must work together, pooling their knowledge and expertise to answer trivia questions fast and accurately.

Effective communication is needed as it ensures that everyone’s input is considered, but only one person will represent their team at the end.

This game can be played, many ways, it’s your choice and depends on how your group responds to fast paced challenges.



Employee turnover

8. The Listening Game

The “Listening Game” can be turned into a powerful game show to enhance communication.  It’s a team-building activity where one team member is blindfolded while their sighted partner takes on the role of guide.

Using only verbal instructions, the sighted partner navigates their blindfolded teammate through a carefully designed obstacle course.

This game serves as a vivid demonstration of the significance of clear and concise communication. Participants quickly realize the value of effective instruction, attentive listening, and trust within a team.

The blindfolded person relies entirely on their partner’s guidance, highlighting the necessity of conveying information accurately and comprehensively.

By emphasizing these communication skills in a fun and interactive way, the Listening Game nurtures stronger team bonds, improves collaboration, and fosters an environment of mutual understanding.

9. Lip Sync Challenge


Lip Sync Final Challenge

Lip Sync Final Challenge

Lip Sync Challenge is a super fun game where teams compete by pretending to sing famous songs. They act like famous singers, copying their moves and style.

Imagine the stage with dim lights and excited people watching. Each team becomes a different music star, like a Popstar, Rockstar or a Rapper.

They dance and make funny faces, trying to be the best lip-syncing team. It’s like a big, exciting show that brings the team together and makes everyone laugh and have a great time.

Lip Sync Challenge works best with teams of a minimum of 4 players on each team.

The game usually takes around 30 to 60 minutes to play, depending on how many rounds you want to do.

It’s a fantastic game show to enhance communication because it encourages everyone to work together, be creative, and have some good old fashion fun.

As teammates collaborate to pick songs, plan their performance, and synchronize their moves, they develop stronger communication skills and learn to coordinate as a team.

The excitement and shared laughter during the performances create a memorable bonding experience that boosts team morale and fosters a positive, collaborative atmosphere.





Key Takeaways

These interactive game shows aren’t just for entertainment; they’re dynamic pathways to enhancing team communication.

By incorporating these type of games, teams can develop stronger bonds, improve communication skills, and collaborate more effectively.

As your team immerses themselves in these experiences, they’ll uncover the subtle art of non-verbal cues, the magic of attentive listening, and the power of unified collaboration.

In the world of team building, effective communication isn’t just about words; it’s about weaving a tapestry of understanding, empathy, and shared triumph.

Embrace these fun and exciting game shows, and watch your team’s communication prowess reach new heights, transforming your workplace into a hub of connection and achievement.


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