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Lisa Lawrence

Written by Lisa Lawrence

Lisa Lawrence. is a certified facilitator and team building expert with over 12 years of experience in the field.  She has a passion for helping to build stronger teams and has worked with a wide range of fortune 500 businesses to improve communication and boost morale in the New York City Metro Area.

April 21, 2024

Paramus, New Jersey, isn’t just about big stores, though it has plenty. With over 6 million square feet of shopping, it’s huge! But Paramus offers more.

It shines as a spot for exciting group activities and team bonding. If you’re googling “exciting group outings near me,” head to Paramus.

The place at 49 East Midland Avenue is brimming with entertainment for any group. And there’s a special deal: save up to 40% on your first visit. This makes now the perfect time for group activities in Paramus NJ.

Planning a work event or a fun day with friends? Get involved with the online community or email lists. This keeps you updated on all the cool happenings.

You’ll get the scoop on special hours, different pricing, and promotions. These can take your regular outing from good to great.

group activities paramus nj

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Key Takeaways

  • Paramus NJ is not just a retail haven but also a destination for diverse group activities and team-building.
  • Exclusive attractions and lively events designed for team bonding and group fun.
  • Subscribe to social media updates or email clubs to tap into special promotions for group outings.
  • Monster Mini Golf offers up to 40% OFF on the first visit to make your group activity experience more accessible.
  • Paramus NJ’s offerings are perfect for corporate events and casual get-togethers with friends or family.
  • Stay updated on all the local happenings and group opportunities for a memorable adventure in Paramus.


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The Thrills of Monster Mini Golf in Paramus

Looking for fun team building ideas in Paramus? Monster Mini Golf Paramus NJ is a great pick. This place is more than just a game. It’s an immersive experience.

Laughter and friendly competition help build strong team bonds. Let’s dive into the exciting world that awaits there.

18-Hole Glow-in-the-Dark Adventures

Picture this: playing mini golf in a neon-lit world. You’re surrounded by fun monster-themed decorations.

The 18-hole course lets your team face fun challenges and celebrate hole-in-ones together.

Interactive Arcade at a Monster Twist

The fun doesn’t stop at mini golf. Next, head to the interactive arcade. It’s a mix of digital and physical games.

From classic pinball to cutting-edge games, there’s something for everyone. It’s a great way to bond and have fun.

Monster Mini Golf Paramus NJ is perfect for unique recreational activities in Paramus. It mixes fun with team spirit. Every visit is an adventure you won’t forget.

This place is a center for fun activities in Paramus. It suits many tastes and boosts team spirit. It’s far from ordinary.

Activity Team Building Benefit Fun Factor
Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Golf Encourages creative problem-solving and friendly competition High
Interactive Arcade Games Promotes coordination and boosts morale Very High
Group Celebrations Strengthens interpersonal relationships Maximum

Monster Mini Golf Paramus NJ is more than a venue. It’s a unique team building spot. It offers fun and collaboration. Every team member leaves happier and closer to their teammates.

Vibrant Bowling Experience for Teams

Looking for team building activities for employees? Bowling in Paramus NJ offers a mix of fun and togetherness.

At Monster Mini Golf’s bowling alley, funky lights and music create a perfect group experience.. In Paramus, Monster Mini Golf makes bowling unforgettable.

Challenge your coworkers and celebrate teamwork with bowling. It’s a sure way to strengthen bonds in Paramus, NJ.

Unlocking Corporate Training Potential in Paramus




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Imagine a workplace where employees shine individually and work together perfectly. That’s my goal by introducing corporate training in Paramus NJ.

We can make professional growth exciting and fruitful with the right mix of adventure and planning.

Fun Team Building Exercises

It’s time to move past old trust falls. Think of your team having fun at Monster Mini Golf, glowing in the dark or keeping the event onsite by inviting professional companies to come in and facilitate.

You will have a mixture of laughter meets event planning, building a team spirit and break from the norm and unite coworkers.

Unique Team Building Ideas for Better Collaboration

Looking for group outings near me can lead to team growth. It’s all about creating together. Coming up with unique team building ideas improves teamwork, energizes your culture, and boosts performance.

Activities like arcade games or mini golf challenges enhance important skills for work and life.

Explore Group Outings Near Paramus: A World of Entertainment

Looking for group outings near me means searching for fun with friends. Paramus offers many options for group activities Paramus NJ.

Imagine friends laughing at Monster Mini Golf, teams bonding over games, or trying new outdoor activities Bergen County NJ.

Paramus is a haven for adventures that suit any taste, from family outings to thrilling corporate events.

The beauty of Bergen County adds to outdoor activities. Whether it’s finishing a hike or enjoying a zoo visit, this area offers fun mixed with nature.



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Looking for deals can make outings even better. Sites like Groupon offer discounts. Keep an eye out to enjoy more activities without spending a lot. This includes arts, crafts, cooking classes, and museum visits.

Activity Location Description Group Suitability
Monster Mini Golf Paramus, NJ An indoor glow-in-the-dark mini golf course filled with fun and frights. Family, Friends, Corporate
Cooking Classes Various Locations Interactive sessions where you can learn new recipes and techniques. Friends, Corporate Teams
Outdoor Hiking Trails Bergen County, NJ Scenic trails ranging from easy to challenging for nature enthusiasts. Adventure Seekers, Team Building
Zoological Park Visits Bergen County, NJ A delightful day out amongst diverse wildlife, perfect for all ages. Family, Educational Groups

When searching for group activities Paramus NJ or craving outdoor activities Bergen County NJ, remember Paramus is local and nearby. It’s filled with joy, learning, and adventure for everyone.

Group Activities Paramus NJ: Unforgettable Memories




Looking for the best group activities Paramus NJ has to offer? I’ve found a bunch of recreational activities in Paramus that are perfect for making lasting memories.

From glowing mini golf lanes to exciting trampoline parks, there’s something for everyone.

Let’s explore some fun team building exercises and adventures. These activities will keep your group talking for a long time:

  1. Monster Mini Golf: Enjoy an 18-hole glow-in-the-dark mini golf course filled with fun.
  2. Escape Rooms: Work together to solve puzzles, great for team building.
  3. Trampoline Parks: Jump and have fun in the dynamic environment of a trampoline park.

Check out these great activities available for you. Here is a detailed table:

Activity Type Age Group Experience
Monster Mini Golf Golf & Arcade Teens & Adults Interactive, Glow-in-the-dark Adventure
Escape Room Challenges Puzzle/Adventure Adults Strategic & Team-oriented
Trampoline Park Physical/Recreational All Ages Energetic & Exhilarating Jumps

Picture the fun of jumping at the trampoline park or solving puzzles in escape rooms. With such a variety of recreational activities in Paramus, building team spirit is exciting.

There are so many fun team building exercises in Paramus to explore. So why wait? Gather your friends or coworkers, try something new, and make unforgettable memories together. Shared fun times can turn friends into family.

Outdoor Activities in Bergen County: Nature Meets Team Spirit

I invite all adventure seekers to explore the outdoor activities Bergen County NJ offers. Right next to Paramus, this spot is perfect for injecting energy and team spirit through amazing outdoor experiences.

Outdoor Activities

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Recreational Activities Revitalizing Teams

Bergen County’s hills and green landscapes are not just scenery. They are perfect for team building. Picture your team, laughing and feeling proud as they explore trails or have a fun paintball game.

Such moments don’t just bring fun—they build stronger teams.

Add a Dash of Excitement with Adventure Games

The thrill of adventure games boosts team spirit like nothing else. With its varied terrain, Bergen County offers many activities, from go-karting to horseback riding.

These activities push teams to try new things, helping them trust and work together in exciting ways.

Activity Team Benefit Adventure Level
Trail Hiking Strategy & Communication Moderate
Paintball Collaboration & Trust High
Go-Kart Racing Competitiveness & Fun High
Horseback Riding Calmness & Focus Moderate

Team Building Events Paramus NJ: Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

The best way to boost a team’s morale is by diving into team building events Paramus NJ. Imagine an exciting challenge at every turn, like those at Monster Mini Golf.

These experiences strengthen work relationships in a really enjoyable way. The mix of competition and fun is perfect for creating strong ties.




Think of the excitement in a mini golf challenge, where skill and strategy win. Envision the group’s joy after winning a lively bowling game. In these moments, teams work together to achieve greatness, pushing each other forward.

Activity Competitive Edge Team Bonding Potential
Mini Golf Showdown Strategic and precision-based challenges High
Bowling Matches Coordination and collaborative gameplay Medium to High
Arcade Challenges Quick reflexes and tech-savviness Medium

Each activity is more than just fun; it’s a chance for team growth. In Paramus, these events allow teams to showcase their strengths and teamwork. They are key for building a strong, unified team.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson

This quote really says it all: teamwork and competition make teams better. Thinking about how your team works together? You’ll see these events are crucial for both fun and bonding.


Game shows for Team Building

Game shows for Team Building

Group Bonding Activities: Connect and Thrive

Paramus NJ is known as a place for building team unity. It offers many group bonding activities. These activities are perfect for corporate retreats or just fun with friends. They help every group come together.

A successful team knows and trusts each other well. Adding unique team building ideas to your group’s activities can make a big difference. It’s something I’ve seen work wonders.

1 – Discover Game Shows for Groups in Paramus NJ

One effective idea is game shows for groups in Paramus NJ. Picture your team battling in trivia or solving riddles together. These game show experiences are fun and boost trust and teamwork.

2 – Strategize and Bond: Challenges to Unite Teams

In our fast-moving world, teamwork is key. Challenges like escape rooms or scavenger hunts bring teams together. They must work towards the same goal. These group bonding activities are popular for fun and growth.

Activity Type Benefit
Interactive Game Shows Intellectual/Entertainment Enhances quick-thinking & knowledge
Escape Room Challenges Problem-Solving Promotes teamwork & communication
Team-Based Scavenger Hunts Strategic/Adventure Encourages collaboration & healthy competition

Mixing work and fun with these unique team building ideas is crucial. It helps create a team that works well and enjoys time together. For a better team environment, Paramus NJ is your go-to destination.

Power Up With Corporate Training in Paramus

In Paramus, New Jersey, the corporate training offers stand out. They mix fun with learning, unlike just staying indoors for team building. Searching for group outings near me that mix fun and learning? Paramus is your go-to.

Imagine your team tapping into their full potential in a lively and fun setting. It’s a new take on team building, mixing excitement with learning.

I’m here to show how you can plan these events to mix learning and playing right here locally in  Paramus

Perhaps the popular escape room challenges to strengthen your team. Activities that teach strategy, bonding, and quick thinking.

Turn corporate training into an adventure blending fun and learning simultaneously.


Activity Key Benefits Skills Developed
Bowling Competitions Team Cohesion, Competitive Edge Strategic Planning, Communication
Escape Room Challenges Problem-Solving, Creativity Collaboration, Critical Thinking
Interactive Workshops Professional Growth, Skill Enhancement Leadership, Adaptability

Team building in Paramus is a must for any business wanting to succeed. It’s not just a day outside the office. It’s an investment in growth. Don’t miss these exciting group outings near me at the crossroads of fun and development.

For any business, big or small, corporate training in Paramus is a game-changer. Get ready to energize, educate, and strengthen your team’s bonds with innovative activities.


Family Feud Team Names

Family Feud Team Names

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Group Fun: Ideas That Work

As a local in Paramus, I’ve seen our town become a center for group activities Paramus NJ.

It’s known for fun times and team-building. Picture a place alive with lights and full of laughter.

That’s what we love about our town. Monster Mini Golf is a big hit here, offering joy to both friends and families.

Looking for group outings near me in Paramus, I have a list filled with fun activities.

They turn any day into a great adventure. In these places, spending time together feels special.

We get closer and improve our teamwork, whether it’s at arcades or doing fun team building exercises.

Activity Team Building Benefits Location
Monster Mini Golf Encourages strategy and friendly competition Paramus, NJ
Interactive Arcades Promotes cooperation and communication Paramus Area
Bowling Alleys Strengthens camaraderie and team spirit Multiple Locations
Escape Rooms Enhances problem-solving and collective decision-making Near Paramus, NJ

When hunting for group outings near me, think about what Paramus offers. Consider the team-building bonus of each activity and the fun it brings.

I’ve realized that these activities are more than just fun times. They’re about growing together, understanding each other, and adding joy to our regular days.

In Paramus, we don’t just come together; we grow together. The genuine fun we have while engaging in these experiences is the secret ingredient to a stronger, more connected community.

Discover the many opportunities in Paramus, a place filled with adventure and joy. It’s all waiting for you.

This is your invitation to make memories that last. Paramus is your gateway to group fun. Come and explore all the enjoyment it offers.


team building east rutherford

Team Building Games for Employees: A Recipe for Success

What makes a company thrive? It’s all about innovative team building games for employees. In Paramus, there’s a wealth of unique team building ideas to inspire and bond employees.

Teamwork shines when people compete together towards a common goal. Let’s explore how work can be fun and how growth can be exciting.

1 – Interactive Games to Foster Teamwork

Paramus offers adventures that make teams work and win together. Imagine your team playing mini-golf or navigating a laser tag course. These activities do more than entertain. They build teamwork and a competitive spirit, essential in our collaborative workplaces.

2 – Creative Workshops for Professional Development

Paramus also offers more than entertainment; it offers learning. Creative workshops led by experts are unmatched. They broaden skills, boost creativity, and strengthen team bonds.

Creating a successful team is straightforward. Just commit to activities that foster unity, creativity, and growth. Paramus’s unique options set the stage. Here, employees grow, succeed, and work together in new ways.

A Variety of Recreational Activities in Paramus

Paramus, New Jersey, is a hotspot for fun across all ages. Kids love places like Humdingers, with its wide range of games. It’s a place buzzing with the sounds of kids having the time of their lives.

Teens enjoy Monster Mini Golf’s glow-in-the-dark fun. They also like Escape Room NJ, where solving puzzles and working as a team is key. Adults can relax at AMC Dine-In theatres or enjoy bowling at Bowlero Fair Lawn.

Paramus offers more than just activities; it brings people together to make happy memories.

Finding the best spots in Paramus is easy with Yelp and Groupon reviews. They help pick the perfect activity, whether it’s for rest, adventure, or celebrating something special.

The experiences in Paramus are more than just fun. They’re a way to create lasting connections.

FAQ – Group Activities in Paramus NJ

frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

What group activities are available in Paramus, NJ?

Paramus, NJ, is full of fun group activities. You can enjoy Monster Mini Golf, arcade games, and a vibrant bowling experience.

There are also outdoor activities in Bergen County. Plus, various team building events and corporate training programs.

Can you recommend fun team building exercises?

For a great time, try glow-in-the-dark mini golf or bowling with your team. You could also go on outdoor adventures in Bergen County. These activities are fun and help with team bonding.

Where can I find unique team building ideas in Paramus?

In Paramus, you can find unique team building ideas like game shows and escape rooms. Indoor go-kart racing and culinary workshops are also great. They boost creativity and strengthen team bonds.

Are there group outings near me in Paramus, NJ?

Yes, there are many group outings in Paramus. Enjoy Monster Mini Golf or arts and crafts sessions. Paramus has various experiences perfect for group fun.

What kinds of outdoor activities in Bergen County, NJ, are suitable for groups?

Bergen County offers great outdoor activities for groups. Enjoy hiking, paintball, go-kart racing, horseback riding, and the zoo. They’re perfect for adventure and fun bonding.

Are there any game shows for groups in Paramus NJ?

Paramus offers group game shows for a great time. Compete in puzzles, trivia, and fun challenges. It’s a dynamic way to bond and strategize as a team.


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