5 Super Fun Icebreaker Ideas For Summer Intern Programs NJ & NYC

ice breaker ideas for summer intern programs

Summer intern programs provide a unique opportunity for young professionals to gain hands-on experience and embark on a transformative journey. However, stepping into a new environment filled with unfamiliar faces can be daunting for these people.

This is where the power of icebreaker activities and team building comes into play.  In this article, we will explore 5 well-designed icebreaker activities that can break down barriers, foster connections, and create a sense of belonging withing the intern community.

Effective Icebreaker Ideas | For Summer Intern Programs

By incorporating a few icebreakers into your summer intern program, you create an environment that nurtures open communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Summer Interns

These activities encourage interns to step out of their comfort zones, allowing them to forge connections with their peers, mentors, and supervisors.

Join us as we delve into 5 activity ideas and uncover their power to transform summer intern programs.

Let’s get started.

Idea #1 – The Name Game Icebreaker

Let’s begin with a “classic” icebreaker that helps everyone remember each other’s names and characteristics.  This game is designed to have one thinking and talking to one another immediately.

First, have your summer interns form a circle.  Start by introducing themselves with a personal characteristic, hobby or interest with the same letter as their name.  The next person repeats the previous names and personal characteristic and adds their own.

For example,  “I’m Daniel, and I love Dancing”.  The next person repeats the first person’s name and characteristic, then adds their own (e.g., “That’s Daniel who loves dancing, and I’m Olivia who loves origami”).

The game continues with each participant repeating the names and characteristics of all those who came before and then adding their own.  This encourages active listening, memory recall that adds a touch of fun to introductions.

Idea #2. Speed Networking

The concept behind speed networking at a team building event is simple yet highly effective. Picture a series of tables or stations, each with an intern eagerly awaiting the opportunity to engage with their fellow interns.

The magic begins as pairs of interns are formed, and the clock starts ticking. Within a specific time frame, such as two minutes, the interns introduce themselves, share their interests, and discuss their career goals.

Once the time is up, one group moves to the next station, while the other remains in place, ready for a fresh connection.

The beauty of speed networking lies in its efficiency and impact. By providing interns with the chance to meet numerous peers in a short period,

It accelerates the exchange of information, fosters camaraderie, and cultivates professional relationships.

This dynamic activity allows interns to showcase their skills, share experiences, and discover common interests with their counterparts.

It’s a fast-paced, energizing icebreaker that stimulates connections and sparks the beginnings of lasting professional networks.

Idea #3. Face-2-Face Feud

Feud-Set-Up @ Rutgers

The classic game show is adapted into a fun team-based activity that brings summer interns together and gets them to work collaboratively, while sparking laughter and building rapport.

2 teams aka families face-off and must work together to guess the most popular responses to survey-type questions related to the organization, their internship, or fun general topics.

It’s important to have fun and engaging questions that break down barriers immediately.  You may consider doing your own version, or hiring a professional company to facilitate one that will bring all the bells and whistles.

Family Feud prompts excitement, active participation, encourages communication, and enhances camaraderie among interns.

A fun and friendly competition atmosphere can immediately reduce early-stage anxiety, making the interns feel more comfortable in their new environment and with each other.

Idea #4. In-office Scavenger Hunt

Probably the oldest of all ice breaker ideas but it’s always fun and it’s easy to set up.

This exciting interactive game takes interns on a journey throughout the office, encouraging exploration, teamwork, and a deeper understanding of the workplace.

It is a well-thought-out activity designed to familiarize interns with different areas, departments, and resources within the company while fostering a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among participants.

Interns are divided into teams, each armed with a list of specific items or clues related to various locations or aspects of the office.

The objective is to race against the clock, decipher clues, and locate the items scattered throughout the workspace.

Scavenger hunt nurtures interns’ observational skills, attention to detail, and ability to think creatively. As they search for hidden items or solve riddles, interns sharpen their problem-solving abilities and develop a keen eye for their surroundings.

This skill set can be valuable in the workplace, where attention to detail and critical thinking are highly sought after.

Idea #5. Word Play (Wheel of Fortune)


Have you ever considered hiring a professional company to host an event for your summer interns?

Well, look no further than Playtyme Game Shows!  We have an incredible selection of shows for you to choose from.

One particular gem is our own spin on the classic hit TV game show, “Wheel of Fortune.”  We do have a digital wheel but no fortune, pun intended.

This game is fully customizable and an absolute blast to play.  The puzzles are quite entertaining, featuring company slogans, catchphrases, movies, TV shows, and even celebrities. It’s perfect for those employees who love word challenges and solving puzzles.

Picture this:   We create three teams and the contestants rotate after every puzzle instead of individual players, .  It’s a fantastic way to showcase how well employees handle unexpected situations.

While our headquarters are nestled in Teaneck, New Jersey, we proudly travel throughout the entire N.E. region.

But here’s a question for you, do you think icebreaker ideas really work?


Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

1: What is the purpose of icebreaker activities in summer intern programs?

The purpose of icebreaker activities in summer intern programs is to create a positive and engaging environment, foster connections among interns, boost morale, and encourage teamwork.

2: How many people can participate in the “Name Game” icebreaker?

The Name Game can be played with any number of participants depending on the length of the meeting.  It works well with both small and large groups.

3: How can “Speed Networking” benefit interns in a summer intern program?

Speed networking allows interns to develop and practice their networking skills by engaging in short conversations with peers.

It helps them meet multiple individuals within a short timeframe, exchange information, and build professional relationships.

4: How does collaborative problem solving contribute to the summer intern program experience?

Collaborative problem solving promotes teamwork skills among interns and encourages critical thinking and creativity.

It provides an opportunity for interns to work together, brainstorm ideas, and come up with innovative solutions to challenging scenarios or tasks.

5: Why are icebreaker activities important for summer intern programs?

Icebreaker activities are important for summer intern programs because they create a welcoming and inclusive environment, facilitate connections among interns, promote teamwork, and enhance overall engagement and productivity.

6: How can these icebreaker ideas make a summer intern program stand out?

Implementing these icebreaker ideas can make a summer intern program stand out by fostering a positive and interactive experience, helping interns form meaningful connections, encouraging their professional growth, and leaving a lasting impression on participants.

7: How can I optimize my summer intern program’s success?

To optimize the success of your summer intern program, consider incorporating engaging icebreaker activities, tailor the program to meet the unique needs and goals of your interns and company.  Sseek further assistance or explore additional strategies to enhance the program’s effectiveness.

Final Key Takeaways

Incorporating engaging icebreaker activities into your summer intern program is crucial for building connections, fostering teamwork, and creating a positive and inclusive environment.

We have provided you with five highly effective icebreaker ideas: “Name Game,” “Speed Networking”, “Face-2-Face Feud”, “Office Scavenger Hunt”, and “Word Play”.

By implementing these type of icebreakers, you can ensure that your summer intern program stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

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