Jeopardy Style Game Shows For Sales Training & Sales Kick-off Events

Jeopardy style game shows for sales training is one of the best tools Executives and Sales Managers can use to educate and engage any corporate sales team.  This particular activity is great for testing retention of information at any annual sales meeting. The idea of adding fun and excitement to a sales meeting may not be very popular among many corporate executives.  It can sure help change the attitudes of the sales staff immediately while raising their level of participation.

Who hasn’t heard of Jeopardy, is a household name. Also, a very popular classic television game show that has been on television for over 50 years. Three contestants play against each other for the chance to earn points and win prize money.  We offer a similar program to Corporate Meeting Planners, Sales Executives and Directors. We take pride in guiding our clients along the way making sure they plan accordingly.  We highly recommend teams to be created in advance in order to build momentum and excitement prior to the training.

The Challenge Game Show for Sales Training

The Challenge Game Show is no more than 30 minutes per round.  Nine contestants can play simultaneously.  The game board is filled with a variety of categories and can be customized to reinforce company policies and procedures.  This can be an educational tool, similar to how Jeopardy is played on TV.   Our contestants answer the questions directly instead of the other way around.

This type of show will test your employee’s knowledge of particular products and sales knowledge.  Some of our categories may include, True or False, Company Policies and Procedures, New Products, Wild Card and the list goes on. These categories can be customized according to the planner’s direction.

Recommendation for Sales Training Game Shows

We recommend many clients invest in at least 2 hours of play so that it will give everyone a chance to participate. This is something completely different from the mundane and it is guaranteed to break the monotony of training events.  Don’t delay, let us help plan your very own Corporate Quiz Challenge Game Show today.

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