Fun Trivia Night Ideas for Team Building in 2024

Trivia Night For Team Building
Lisa Lawrence

Written by Lisa Lawrence

Lisa Lawrence. is a certified facilitator and team building expert with over 12 years of experience in the field.  She has a passion for helping to build stronger teams and has worked with a wide range of fortune 500 businesses to improve communication and boost morale in the New York City Metro Area.

January 17, 2024

Ever thought of adding a fun activity such as “Trivia Night” to your upcoming off-site retreat?

Are you looking to unleash the competitive spirit of your group? If so, then you may want to consider hosting a trivia theme night.

Hosting a quiz show is a great way to engage with your colleagues and build camaraderie.

Fun Trivia Night Ideas for Team Building | NJ & NYC

Trivia Night NJ

Trivia Night NJ

Trivia nights are quite popular across the country because it’s a high-energy kind of entertainment that ultimately brings people together. Several Q&A sessions will test your team’s knowledge about a wide range of topics in a friendly competition kind of way.

Not only is it a great way to break the ice and get to know your coworkers on a more personal level, but it also has the added benefit of promoting better communication, learning, and growth within the workplace.

One of the best advantages of hosting a trivia night as a team building activity is, its versatility. It can be tailored to suit any team or organization, whether it be in a corporate setting, a school, or even a community group.

Trivia nights can be organized around a specific theme, such as general knowledge, pop culture, or even industry-specific topics. This ensures that there is something for everyone and makes the event inclusive for all team members.

Another benefit of hosting a trivia night is to promote active participation and teamwork. Make it a requirement for teams to work together to come up with answers and strategize to win the competition.

This encourages communication, problem-solving, and collaboration which are all essential skills in the workplace.

These fast-paced quizzes are not just about competition, it also provides an opportunity for team members to unwind, relax and have fun together outside of the office.

This helps to build stronger bonds and foster a positive work environment as well.

How do you plan to host and organize a successful trivia night?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Give yourself enough time to organize the event. Plan ahead and send out a newsletter, flyer or private invitations early enough to ensure that everyone can attend.
  • Create teams by dividing your team members into smaller groups to encourage teamwork and fun competition. Allow the teams to have up to five players.
  • Provide food and drinks. Consider offering appetizers, a meal, and drinks for this activity. This will make it more enjoyable so your team will be willing and ready to participate.
  • Have a host come and facilitate the trivia night. Having someone oversee the event, keeps things running smoothly. Find a professional that is entertaining and great at public speaking.
  • Make sure to have a wide variety of challenging, yet fun questions that are challenging but not too difficult. Consider using a mix of general knowledge, pop culture, history, sports, and industry-specific questions.
  • Motivate your team members to participate by offering prizes for the winning team. Don’t be cheap on this part as “bragging rights” for the winning team is not a very exciting thing to compete for.
  • It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan should anything go wrong. Just had to put that note in there.
    Finally, remember to have fun, let your hair down, untie the knot and enjoy the event!

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Trivia Theme Night Topics and Categories

One of the most important things to keep in mind when creating trivia questions is to tailor them to the interests and expertise of your group.

For example, think about the types of topics that will be most relevant and interesting to your team, plus, questions that will challenge and excite them.

If your team works in a specific industry, you might consider creating trivia questions focusing on industry-specific topics, such as recent developments or key players.

Also, if your team is particularly interested in a specific hobby, you might create questions that relate to that hobby or interest.


  1. The American Revolution
  2. The Roman Empire
  3. The Tudor dynasty in England
  4. Science and technology:
  5. The human body and anatomy
  6. The periodic table of elements
  7. The history of space exploration


  1. The countries of Africa
  2. The states of the USA
  3. The rivers of the world


  1. Football (soccer)
  2. Basketball
  3. Baseball

Pop culture

  1. Music, movies and television

Literature and language

  1. Shakespeare
  2. Common idioms and expressions


  1. Famous painters and paintings
  2. Sculptures

Food and Drink

  1. Wine and wine making
  2. Famous chefs and their signature dishes
  3. Popular food trends

Current Events and News

  1. The COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Climate change
  3. Political elections and leaders

Famous People

  1. Presidents of the United States
  2. Famous scientists and inventors
  3. Famous actors and actresses


Choose a Theme

To make your trivia night more memorable, choose a theme that relates to the audience, For instance, a certain decade, TV show, or movie franchise.

This will not only add an element of excitement, but it will also make the questions more relatable to your guests.

9 Examples of Popular Trivia Theme Night Ideas

  1. “Game of Thrones Trivia”
  2. “TV Sitcom Trivia”
  3. “Black Panther Trivia”
  4. “Seinfeld Trivia”
  5. “Fast and Furious Company Trivia”
  6. “Harry Potter Trivia”
  7. “90’s Nostalgia Trivia”
  8. “Music Trivia”
  9. “Blockbuster Trivia”
  10. “Tailgate Trivia”

The Importance of Well-Written Researched Trivia Questions

The quiz show can start out with 20-questions per round with a short break in between. Most questions fall in the medium difficulty range, with challenging ones towards the end. 

Well-written researched questions are vital to the success of your trivia night. Accuracy is crucial when it comes to trivia questions as guests will quickly lose interest if they feel that the questions are not well-researched or contain inaccuracies.

Don’t forget to fact-check all questions and sources to ensure that the information provided is accurate and up to date.  .

Format of Trivia Questions

  • Multiple Choice
  • True or False
  • Fill In the Blank
  • Short Answer
  • Matching Questions
  • Visual Questions

General Trivia Questions Examples

Creating the right trivia questions boils down to these well-known factors. There must be a variety of questions. For the trivia game to be more challenging, you must use a mixture of hard and easy questions.

This always keeps the game interesting and the participants on their toes. The questions should be clear and easy to understand, without any confusion.

This will ensure that the participants are able to focus on answering the question, rather than trying to figure it out.

It’s important to avoid asking questions that may be offensive or biased toward certain groups of people. This can not only ruin the atmosphere of the event but also be disrespectful and hurtful to certain colleagues.

Trivia questions should aim to be inclusive and respectful of all those in attendance.

Here are some example trivia questions to get you started:

  1. What is the capital of Australia?
  2. Who wrote the Harry Potter series of books?
  3. What is the name of the process by which plants convert light energy into chemical energy?
  4. Who is the current CEO of Google?
  5. What is the chemical symbol for Gold?

These questions are tailored to a general audience, as you can see, and cover several topics such as geography, literature, science, and current events.

This is just a starting point, you’ll be well on your way to creating engaging trivia questions for your team building in no time.

How to make questions challenging but not impossible

Since trivia is best known for its competitive nature, you want to make sure your questions are challenging, but fun at the same time. Creating that perfect balance between challenging but not impossible trivia questions can be a tricky task.

On one hand, easy questions can make the event boring and un-engaging. On the other hand, overly difficult questions can frustrate and discourage the players.

In summary, trivia night is a fun, interactive, and effective way to bring your team together, cultivate teamwork and boost morale among your team members.

By following these tips, you can assure your team will have a time they will always remember.

So, gather your team at work and get ready for some good old-fashioned fun. Let’s Play!

Frequently Asked Questions – Trivia Night at Work


frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

Q1: What is Trivia Night and why is it popular?

Trivia Night is a high-energy entertainment activity that brings people together through Q&A sessions to test their knowledge in a friendly competition.

It is popular because it promotes better communication, learning, and growth within the workplace while also providing an opportunity for team members to unwind, relax, and have fun together outside of the office.

Q2: What are the benefits of hosting a trivia night as a team-building activity?

Hosting a trivia night as a team-building activity offers several benefits. It promotes active participation and teamwork, encourages communication, problem-solving, and collaboration skills, breaks the ice among colleagues, and fosters a positive work environment.

Additionally, it allows team members to build stronger bonds and get to know each other on a more personal level.

Q3: What are some tips for creating well-written and researched trivia questions?

When creating trivia questions, it’s important to ensure accuracy and relevance. Follow these tips:

  1. Fact-check all questions and sources to provide accurate and up-to-date information.
  2. Tailor the questions to the interests and expertise of your group, focusing on topics that challenge and excite them.
  3. Use a variety of question formats, such as multiple-choice, true or false, fill in the blank, short answer, matching, and visual questions.
  4. Avoid offensive or biased questions that may ruin the atmosphere and be disrespectful to certain colleagues.
  5. Aim to be inclusive and respectful of all attendees when formulating the questions. By considering these factors, you can create engaging trivia questions that keep the game interesting and participants on their toes.

Q4: How many rounds should a trivia night typically have?

The number of rounds for a trivia night can vary depending on the desired duration of the event. Typically, a trivia night consists of around 3 to 5 rounds, each containing a set of questions.

This allows for a balanced and engaging experience without making the event too long.

Q5: Can I customize the trivia night questions based on my team’s interests?

Absolutely! Customizing the trivia night questions based on your team’s interests is a great way to make the event more engaging and enjoyable.

Consider the hobbies, industry, and preferences of your team members to create questions that resonate with them.

This personalization adds an extra level of excitement and encourages active participation.

Q6: What are some examples of visual questions for a trivia night?

Visual questions can add a dynamic element to your trivia night. Here are a few examples:

  1. Show a picture of a landmark and ask participants to identify its location.
  2. Display a still image from a famous movie and ask for the movie title.
  3. Present a logo of a well-known brand and challenge participants to name the company.

Visual questions provide a visual stimulus that can be both engaging and challenging for participants.

Q7: Should I provide hints or clues during the trivia night?

It depends on the level of difficulty you want to set for your trivia night. If you aim to make it more challenging, you may choose not to provide hints or clues.

However, if you want to ensure everyone has a chance to participate, offering occasional hints or clues can be helpful, especially for difficult questions.

Use your judgment to strike the right balance between challenge and accessibility.

Q8: How can I encourage shy or less outgoing team members to participate in the trivia night?

Encouraging participation from all team members is essential for a successful trivia night.

Here are a few strategies to engage shy or less outgoing individuals:

  1. Create a comfortable and non-judgmental environment where everyone feels welcome.
  2. Offer incentives or prizes for participation, not just for winning. This can motivate individuals to take part even if they are not the most competitive.
  3. Form teams that mix extroverted and introverted individuals to create a supportive and collaborative atmosphere.
  4. Include questions that cover a wide range of topics, ensuring that everyone has a chance to contribute their knowledge.
  5. Emphasize the fun and social aspects of the trivia night, encouraging team members to enjoy themselves regardless of their performance.

By implementing these strategies, you can create an inclusive and enjoyable trivia night experience for all team members.


you're never too old to play

you’re never too old to play

Key Takeaways

  1. Trivia nights are popular for team-building as they promote better communication, learning, and growth within the workplace, while also providing an opportunity for relaxation and fun outside of the office.
  2. Planning and organizing a successful trivia night requires giving yourself enough time, creating teams for teamwork and competition.
    Also, providing food and drinks, having a knowledgeable host, preparing a variety of challenging questions, motivating participation with prizes, having a backup plan, and most importantly, enjoying the event.
  3. Popular trivia theme night ideas include Game of Thrones, TV sitcoms, Black Panther, Seinfeld, Fast and Furious, Harry Potter, 90’s Nostalgia, Music, and Blockbuster.
    Choose a theme that relates to your audience for a more memorable experience.
  4. Well-written and researched trivia questions are vital for a successful trivia night.
    Ensure accuracy, fact-check all questions and sources, tailor questions to the interests of your group, use a variety of question formats, and aim to be inclusive and respectful to all attendees.
  5. Customize questions based on your team’s interests.  Consider visual questions for added engagement, determine the number of rounds based on event duration.
    Implement strategies to encourage participation from all team members, including those who may be shy or less outgoing.

By keeping these key takeaways in mind, you can plan and host a fun and engaging trivia night that brings your team together and boosts morale.

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