New Jersey corporate team building games are all about engaging with co-workers in a super fun environment. We suggest the 5 best and promise, these don’t suck.

Are you looking for creative ways to get your team engaged and excited about work? Do you want some fresh ideas for team building that employees won’t think are cheesy and lame?

Because teamwork is critical to a company’s success, team building activities are essential to a business strategy. Often times, company leaders use the same tired icebreakers that leave employees annoyed rather than energized.

But team building games can be both educational and enjoyable. When done right, they help the team learn more about each other, work and solve problems together and have fun while doing it.

Best 5 New Jersey Corporate Team Building Games

Read on for five New Jersey team building games that your employees will love.
To get your team motivated about working together, try implementing the following team building games at your next meeting or workshop:

1. Office Trivia – Game Show Mania




Make a team building game show out of office trivia! Put together a list of questions specific to your company and workplace and test your team’s knowledge.

Keep it light and fun with a mix of questions about colors or windows in the office and history about the company.

Not only is this a quick and easy team building game, but it also tests how observant your team members are.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Split your group into small teams and make a list of wacky tasks for each team to complete as a group. Include tasks like taking a selfie in front of an iconic object in the office, collecting so many rubber bands and so on.

Give each team a certain amount of time to complete the scavenger hunt. Whoever completes the most tasks in the shortest amount of time wins!

This team building game can help break up office cliques by encouraging people to work with co-workers from other departments.

3. Truth and Lies – Ice breaker

Have everyone face each other in a circle. Each person will come up with three facts about themselves and one lie, which should be a realistic statement. People will share their statements in random order and the others will guess which statement is the lie.

This is a fun ice breaker for people to learn a little more about each other. It also gives introverts a chance to speak up and share something about themselves.

4. Blind Drawing

Divide the team into pairs. Each pair of people will sit back-to-back. Give a pen and piece of paper to one person and a picture to the other person.  The person with the picture must describe the picture to their teammate, but not say what it is.

The other person must draw what they think the picture is based on their teammate’s verbal description.

This team building game focuses on interpretation and communication.

5. Face-2-Face Feud – Surveys

Game Show Set

Face-2-Face Feud

Ever thought about hosting your very own live game show?

This is a great option to test your employees’ knowledge in a more entertaining way than traditional and boring Powerpoint slides, index cards or training manuals.

This engaging activity is guaranteed to keep your audience’s attention and have them actively participating, opening doors to better skills overall and more effective business behaviors.

Team building games are critical to a company’s success. Try one of these five ideas and you’re sure to keep your team engaged and excited.

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