Planning an Event?

Are you a event planner in the NYC tri-state area seeking to inject a lively and engaging atmosphere into your meetings?

Look no further! At It’s Playtyme, we specialize in helping you create unforgettable events that leave a lasting impact on your attendees.

Our team of experienced professionals understands the importance of incorporating fun elements to enhance engagement and foster connections.

From interactive team-building exercises and engaging icebreaker activities to unique and entertaining entertainment options, we have the expertise to transform your corporate meetings into dynamic and enjoyable experiences.

With our tailored approach and attention to detail, we ensure that every moment is infused with excitement and energy. Let us help you elevate your next corporate event or meeting, exceed your attendees’ expectations.

We have build relationships with top corporate Event planners and customers to keep up-to-date with market demand and trends.

Your event is an important time to boost up the morale and get everyone is excited about your mission and where your organization is headed.

Looking to host a fun event? 

Fun is our middle name.  All you have to do is relax and let us help you plan an exciting activity for your upcoming holiday social.  We have several exciting options below, take a look:

Below are some of our recent events we’ve helped plan and organize.  Let us help bring the fun and excitement to your next event.

Interactive Entertainment is Our Specialty

It’s PlayTyme Game Shows is an event planning and traveling entertainment company.  We come up with innovative ways to gather individuals and groups to achieve personal and team goals while having fun in the process.

We’ve developed a unique method of using the game show concept to training and motivating your group to heights of production you never thought possible at a cost within your budget.

Nobody wants to sit and listen for hours to some high-priced guru’s theory of teamwork.

Our method is a unique hands on approach to learn, have FUN and encourage group participation.  It’s a high impact and low stress activity.  See below a brief list of a few events where we incorporated this exact concept.  Let’s Play!

Corporate Holiday Party Planning

Planning for holidays parties are always full of fun and activities both client and event planners will enjoy the game show because it involve the both.

No holiday party is complete without adding some exciting interactive entertainment into the mix.

Most event planners do a great job at finding venues and caterers, but when it comes to entertainment, planning screeches into a halt.

How many of you out there realize that games are one of the most important part of a team gatherings.

Games serve as a break from monotony, act as stress relievers and give the employees and intern a chance to switch off from work mode even if it’s just for 60 minutes.

We have listed a few of our most popular Game Shows you may want to consider booking.

We bring the fun and just ask that you bring the contestants on Wheel of Fortune (style), Minute To Win It (Style),Music Trivia, Family Feud (Style) is TV style Game show activities are the ultimate icebreakers that gives your interns/employees and their families the opportunity to enjoy puzzles, pop culture trivia and/or surveys.

Think about having your very own version of the popular “Family Feud”, “Wheel of Fortune” or Minute It To Win It style game shows.

This is a great way to get your group to work, laugh and especially play together.It is another hit event which our devoted event planning team and experts are in to make your corporate holiday party a successful one.

So, if your thinking about how to end the year, and have to book holiday entertainment, think about the one thing.

Do you remember what you had for dinner last year during the holiday party? Probably not, but you will remember the act you booked for entertainment years after the event. So make it a memorable one and let us help you this year end event planning so decide on what kind of gaming activity that fits your group.

Have a clear and concise entertainment budget.

Many companies fail to create a budget before contacting entertainment companies and think that the costs will be minimal, when in fact in vesting in professional entertainment can make or break your event’s success.

Your budget for entertainment should be set accordingly. Corporate holiday party planning season is underway. It can be an overwhelming time for some event planners or organizers.

We have noticed that most corporate meeting planners are literally thrown into the job of choosing the perfect venue, food and theme, but, leave the entertainment option for last.

That can be a huge issue because the availability of the entertainment is quite limited. Most entertainment companies are booked at least 3-6 months in advance, so what does an event planner do? on’t start looking for event entertainment at the very last minute.

As a large part of your event schedule, your entertainment should be settled early on in the planning process.

Connecting with the right corporate event entertainment company can make your entire event run more smoothly.

Wouldn’t you agree, your employees need more interesting and interactive activities, games & music to help keep their interest and productivity levels up?

Client Appreciation Event Planning

Tired of hosting boring trainings, workshops, and/or team building sessions and other corporate functions?

Looking for some awesome planners in NJ to help spice up your staff/client appreciation or holiday party?

Here are some examples of our customizable games.

“WORD PLAY”(Wheel of Fortune style),

“FACE 2 FACE ” (Family Feud style),

”THE CHALLENGE” (Jeopardy style).

All these games can be used for training purposes as well.

The March of Dimes found the value in educating their supporters by using our event planning services after the walk.

In addition to our Game Shows, IT’S PLAY TYME also offers other forms of live entertainment such as: Professional and/or Celebrity DJs, Standup Comedians, Jazz Trio/Quartet, Rhythm & Blues and 18 Piece Big Band Orchestra.

These services are perfect for cocktail hour.

We can take care of all your entertainment needs to make your next event unforgettable for your clients and or employees.

Summer Outdoor Event Planning

Planning a last minute summer party or company picnic you need smart event planner to wrap up thing fast.

We are the premier experts as last minute entertainment planning and travel throughout the NJ.

We have a plethora of ideas for your summer outdoor events from Live Game Shows to Jazz and Latin Bands.

If your planning something for your group, don’t procrastinate any further, together, we can think of unique ways to enhance your picnic that will have your guests interacting in no time.

Our services are specifically designed to help event producers and planners that are looking to plan an interactive event and activity outside that gets people to not only to engage, but play with one another.

Our games are for all age groups which is a perfect match for company picnic and community gatherings that want to entertain the kids as well.

Check out our Giant Connect Four, Checkers, Chess, or Jinga?

When was the last time you participated in a Dance Contest on the Wii, PS3 or Xbox?.

Well, it is our goal to to bring back a little bit of nostalgia as an interactive entertaining experience.

We can help event planners create something completely different while understanding resources are limited these days and budgets are much lower than they use to be We have musicians and other live entertainers that will spice up any corporate cocktail hour in a minute.

They can play swing, jazz, blues and Latin, all by special request.

Creative Event Marketing and Communication for Universities

Creative interactive games for colleges and universities is the future of incentive marketing and communications.

It is what most event marketers nowadays look for when hiring outside suppliers to educate and entertain their students.

Last Saturday, we had our very own “Battle of the Sexes”, Family Feud style, comedy game show.

We were hired by the marketing department at Stony Brook University, to come and test the new student’s knowledge about the multiple dining services, meal plans and food offered on campus.

Surprisingly enough, the students knew most of the answers to our trivia questions.  This was a welcomed surprise for the university’s marketing team.

The department was also pleased to know that their campaigns actually resonated with the students and can now properly plan on future campaigns for certain areas that were more challenging.


Our coordinators recently setup game show themed birthday parties for our valued clients.

Do you know someone that has a milestone birthday, anniversary or graduation coming up?

Game shows are a very “unique party theme idea” that offers fun, excitement and can be easily adapted to play at home.

One should start out by sending customized game show invitations to their guests.

Next, be creative,  give the event a nostalgic feel when choosing decorations and a particular game.

Let all guests that RSVP’d know that their participation is necessary.

The birthday boy/girl will be designated as co-host or a captain of a team.

So many events, so many ideas to help planners put together a magnificant event.  If you have any other ideas or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.  If your currently planning an event, Contact us today for further details. 

Let us help you with planning a memorable event. You can also call us directly at (201)-357-2979