Substance Abuse Prevention Programs in NJ & NYC


Substance Abuse Presentation Programs for Schools, Colleges and Universities that uses the game show concept as an effective educational tool to deliver a powerful and unforgettable message to student organizations. 

If your tired of presenting boring, non interactive programs to your students, you came to the right place.

We are able to take this very sensitive topic and create an edutainment type of sexual assault prevention program for schools, college campuses and universities. 

The program consists of multiple choice, true or false or fill in the blank questions to get students thinking and talking about sexual assault and abuse in non threatening way.

We have designed several interactive and engaging game shows that appeal to all age groups and ethnicities and have tailored questions to fit the purpose a particular program.

Our Q and A both deal with issues surrounding alcohol, drug use, smoking, rape, bullying, safe sex and health and wellness.

We will gather all health-related facts directly from the educators that’s coordinating the wellness event.

Then we will go into the lab to create a game show format and present it to the students with loads of animation, excitement and enthusiasm.  

Our formats are very similar to the classic game shows we know and love, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune or Family Feud.






Drugs, Tobacco & Alcohol Prevention Edutainment Programs in NJ & NYC


Some subjects may require sensitivity and caution depending on audience demographic.

We rely solely on credible sites like the CDC to accumulate statistical data as well as facts conducted by the government.

We will test the knowledge of the students to see what they already know and what they think they know about the use and effects associated with tobacco and abuses of alcohol.

We candidly and appropriately cover these topics according to age appropriateness and offer scenarios and solutions for students to respond.

We compound our messages by offering solid solutions through audience participation and will list several resources available to the students.

Sexual Assault & Abuse – Prevention Programs in NJ & NYC


We understand the sensitivity involved with this topic, so we consult with the school psychologist and administrators in creating a platform designed to be the most conducive for our audience members.

We rely heavily on statistical data and recognize that this topic must be handled with care.

According to violent assault statistics, college campuses are ranked high on the list for sexual assault and abuse.

It is necessary that a discussion takes place, which brings us to the aged old adage,

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” We understand the sensitivity of the topic and appropriately apply our knowledge and discretion when addressing this issue.





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