T’is the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It sure does, and this is the holiday seasons where you have less to worry about work, and more to think about how to create the best kind of theme holiday parties.

Itsplaytyme is focused on creating a beautiful theme for a holiday party or event. It doesn’t matter if you want Christmas holiday theme party ideas, or New Year theme ideas, or even themes for a holiday office party, we will always create something for you.


Would you be interested in having holiday theme parties for the office? Or would you love to have a New Year eve theme party for all the members of your office? Then this is the perfect service you have been waiting for. Itsplaytyme is bent on helping you create the most energetic and entertaining atmosphere where you can show appreciation to your employers, colleagues, children or guests of any kind. At Itsplaytyme, we will handle the preparations from the very beginning up until the end.

With our years of experience, we know how to make things happen, and happen fast. It would help if you did not try to do everything on your own because you might make a mess of things. The entire process of getting a venue, getting ideas, getting decorations, getting delicious meals might be all too overwhelming that you end up achieving very little. That is why at Itsplaytyme, we want you to leave all that work to us; you only have to sit back and relax and watch as we help create the best holiday theme parties.

We have everything planned and accurately sorted out, from venue to food, to decoration, to sound, to selecting fun holiday theme party names, no part of the event or party will be left unattended to. To get started, all you need to do is to speak with our planner on what you have in mind, and with that bit of information, we can open you up to a plethora of themes for you to choose from.


Nobody wants a sham for a party, and no one wants a party without fun, that is why our management is always up and about to provide the most exquisite party. Our experts make sure that they bring together the collective efforts of different departments to make sure the party runs smoothly. We will effectively manage the caterers, the rentals, the planner, the DJ and every other department to ensure everyone knows their duties and perform them to the fullest.

Like we always do with every business or company, we never get tired of knowing you and what your business stands for. We believe it goes beyond a mere holiday party and we have to put in our very best to make it come out grand. Even when we organize a New Year themed party, or a New Year eve themed party or even any sort of holiday-themed party games, we always find a way to hold on to the ethics and culture of your business.

Right after the holidays, there will be so much to do, so many objectives to be set, so many goals to be met. The last thing you want to do is to get entangled in a web of party arrangements. Let us take the stress off you while you focus on more productive things to do.


Still, finding it hard to pick the ideal venue for your event? That’s why we are here. As a very reputable event planning company, you can leave the entire venue selection process to us. If you wish, we can take it a step further by helping to engage in negotiations too. Our management has links and has partnered with various businesses to understand areas which makes it very easy to find locations and venues. We will always give you the best options and break things down for you, so you are very aware of the choices you are making.

You will have an extensive lineup of options that can fit your budget, your objectives, event theme, size, style and other metrics. We have a track record of bringing success to events and have worked with numerous venues; this has, in turn, given us access to many various locations. Even if it’s an open space, we can work some magic and transform it into something stunning.


We can rarely run out of ideas, we have been in the system, and we keep generating fun and lively designs. We understand that the right set of decorations and details can take the minds of your guests on a mind-blowing journey. Any venue you choose can be transformed into any theme you have in mind. Do you want Disneyland? Or Aladdin’s Arabian Palace? Well, we can help you make all these expectations a reality.


Any party without good food is just a meeting. You don’t want to repeat the same office setting at your party. A party is a place where you unwind, relax and have all the fun in the world. We will do everything in our experience and power to bring before you only the choicest of meals, and the best o cuisines. What style would you love your event? Do you like it to be a buffet? Or where you have to cook your meal on the spot. This and many more is what we can offer to you. Depending on the crowd and the number of rounds of food you want at your party, we can make food the least of your problems in your party.

No party is ever fun without entertainment. We have a plethora of entertainment options to keep your guests in the loop of fun. If you also have ideas of your own that you feel you want them to enjoy, we will also help make sure you include it in the program. So whether it’s a casual or formal entertainment type you want, we will make sure we provide it for you.




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