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College Campus Activities
Lisa Lawrence

Written by Lisa Lawrence

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July 2, 2023

Looking for fun college campus activities in NYC or NJ?

Campus events are a great way to build community on-site and bring the school together.

We have endless super fun ideas for college students on campus, but will only display our top 7 favorites.

Being one of the top students in NYC or NJ isn’t just about hitting the books. We want you to embrace the full college experience with these 7 super fun campus activities.

Here is the secret to great ideas for college campus activities. Great planning and proper preparation and plenty of feedback from your attendees.

We hope you enjoyed these 7 super fun college ideas for campus activities in NJ.

Let us know your ideas in the comment section below and be sure to check out our full range of services for more great event ideas.

1. Specialty Food Day – Cooking Campus Activity

Whether you choose to focus on a specific type of food (like Mexican food, or other food crazes) a food day is a great way to bring people together.

Try to reach out to local restaurants and caterers to see if they could come on-site to help make your event awesome in exchange for promoting their business.

2. Find the Hidden Talent on Campus

What better way to get to know the hidden on-campus talent than a talent show?

Not only does it draw out crowds, but it gives an opportunity to discover those destined for stardom… and those certainly not.

3. Costume theme Activity for College Campus

Whether you want to go old-school and rock out the leather jackets for a “Grease day” or set a more Cosplay-styled theme, an on-campus costume day can be a really fun way to switch up the normal weekly routine.

4. Sports Trivia for College Campus

If you want to break away from the cliche basketball tournament why not ride on the back of the huge US soccer wave caused by the success of the US men and women’s team and hold your own competition.

Soccer is a hot sport right now and you can use that to fuel excitement at your college campus.

What’s even better is that it’s easy to play and doesn’t take any equipment, other than a ball and a few book bags for goals to play. There’s a reason it’s the world’s sport!

5. College Campus Movie Screening Activity

All you need is a projector, some speakers and a large wall to screen a blockbuster on and you’re on your way to an awesome campus activity that will snatch students away from Netflix for a night.

Popcorn is easily made and good for the budget too. Just be sure you obtain the right license depending on the movie you want to screen.

6. Charity Event for College Campus

Research has shown that millennials are the most purpose-driven generation in modern history.

Rally your campus together by hosting an event in aid of a local or global charity of your choice. Not only will you be helping out a great cause, but it will also add some value to your event! Call us at 201-357-2979 for more details.

7. Host a live “game show” or “quiz bowl” for your Campus

Are you starting to see a trend here? Most of these ideas are piggy-backing on the competitive nature of students.

Nothing like a bit of team-on-team rivalry to build some hype around your event.

This awesome company will do it all for you. From larger than life-sized board games to a fully customizable game show experience.

With themes like 60 seconds of fame, our minute to win it style game, is a sure way to get your campus fired up!


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