7 Company Holiday Party Ideas


The corporate world absolutely loves to kick off the holiday season with extravagant parties that sparkle with cheer and joy!

Get ready to be dazzled by these spectacular company holiday party ideas that will surely leave your employees talking about it for years to come!

Benefits of Having a Company Party

Organizing a company party isn’t just about a night of fun and festivities. It can actually have a profound impact on your business and its employees.

According to a survey by Glassdoor, 90% of employees said they feel more appreciated when their company holds holiday parties.

Employees who feel valued and recognized are more likely to have higher job satisfaction and productivity.

When done right, company parties can foster a strong sense of camaraderie among team members, boosting team bonding and strengthening relationships within the organization.

Not only do company parties provide an opportunity for employees to relax and unwind outside of the office, but they also serve as a morale booster.

1 – Chose a Theme for the Party

Picking the perfect theme for your party is paramount for setting the vibe and atmosphere of the whole event.

It affects the decorations, activities, and the overall experience people will have.

Here are some key points to think about when selecting a theme:

  • Take into account your company’s culture and values. Find a theme that reflects your corporation’s identity and interests.
  • Keep your target audience in mind. Think about what type of party will make the most impact on your employees or customers.
  • Be creative and unique. Look for themes that haven’t been overdone or are unexpected, to guarantee a remarkable time.
  • Factor in the season and timing of the event. Themes can be influenced by holidays or recent events, adding to the excitement of the occasion.
  • Create an immersive atmosphere. A well-executed theme can whisk guests away into another world, making the celebration truly unforgettable.

Remember that not all parties need a distinct theme. Sometimes, a straightforward yet elegant gathering may be more suitable for certain situations.

Ultimately, pick a theme that best expresses your company’s identity while guaranteeing a great time for everyone.

Interestingly, themed parties can be traced back centuries ago. Royalty would often host luxurious masquerade balls where guests were required to wear luxurious masks and outfits embodying different themes such as mythology or illusionary realms.

These events became fashionable in Europe during the 15th century and still influence present-day themed festivities.

By choosing an appropriate theme for your company party, you can create a mesmerizing environment that brings people together and generates enthusiasm among attendees.

So do not be shy and let your imagination run wild as you pick a memorable theme that will leave a lasting impression on everyone there!

2 – Select the Right Venue

When selecting a venue, capacity, location, amenities, and cost are key considerations. It should fit all guests comfortably and have easy access to transport and parking.

Don’t overlook audiovisual equipment, Wi-Fi, and catering options as well,

Here is a table of popular venue types and special features to look out for:

Venue Capacity Location Amenities Cost
City Convention 500+ Downtown State-of-the-art facilities High
Beach Resort 100-300 Coastal Scenic views, swimming pools Medium
Rooftop Terrace 50-100 City Center Panoramic city view Low
Country Club 200-400 Suburban Area Golf course, banquet hall Medium

Explore alternative venues that fit your company culture and theme. Try a historic landmark or a local themed restaurant for an extra special touch.

Venue selection has changed over time. In the past, company parties were often in small spaces. Now, organizations emphasize well-being and engagement, so they explore outdoor venues or unique event spaces.

Choose a venue that matches your company’s goals and makes your attendees happy. This is vital for a successful and memorable company party.

3 – Activities and Entertainment

Trivia Night NJ

Trivia Night NJ


Spice up your company party by adding surprise elements like game shows, celebrity impersonators or flash mobs!

These elements will add oodles of excitement and create lasting memories.

Last year, we held a talent show at our holiday party and witnessed our colleagues’ hidden talents – from singing to stand-up comedy!

Interactive Games: Delight employees with interactive games – like virtual reality experiences or team-building activities such as escape rooms.

These activities foster teamwork and generate an enjoyable atmosphere of friendly competition.

Live Performances: Hire performers – such as musicians, magicians, or comedians – to entertain the crowd.

Their captivating performances will keep everyone entertained and ensure a lively ambiance.

Themed Photo Booths: Set up themed photo booths where employees can capture special moments with their colleagues.

From fancy dress props to creative backdrops, these photo booths add fun and offer a chance to let loose.

4 – Food and Drinks


Cookie Exchange

Food and drinks are very important for any office party.

They make us happy and create a festive mood.

Let’s explore some amazing options to wow your staff and make them want more!

Set up different food and drink stations.

Have Italian, Mexican, and Asian cuisines.

Have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options too!

Stock the bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Have signature cocktails or a DIY station. Provide water and other non-alcoholic alternatives.

Make the food presentation awesome with decorations and nice table arrangements.

Let staff mingle and enjoy the food. Hire professional waitstaff to provide great service.

Plan ahead and book vendors in advance. Let the smell of delicious food and clinking of glasses fill the air.

5 – Decorations and Ambiance

Pick a theme to match your company’s spirit or the holiday season. Imagination abounds from winter wonderlands to tropical paradises.

Light up the mood with varying lighting effects. Soft fairy lights or bright colored spotlights can add a unique touch.

Creative centerpieces spark conversations. Incorporate branded elements or industry-related items.

Mood-setting music enlivens the party. Uplifting songs and holiday favorites make for a festive atmosphere.

Plus, subtle scent diffusers offer a multi-sensory experience. Elevate the gathering and leave a lasting impression with these thoughtful touches.

History tells us that decorations have been used since ancient times to celebrate special occasions. Romans feasted with decorative garlands and flowers.

As time passed, people added lights and music to their celebrations. Today, we keep this tradition alive by capturing joy with creative decorations at our company events.

6 – Budgeting and Planning




For a successful company party, budgeting and planning are essential.

Here’s what to consider:

  1. Set a budget: Work out how much you can spend and follow it. This’ll help make decisions.
  2. Prioritize: Establish which parts of the event are most important, like venue, food, and entertainment. Spend more on these.
  3. Research costs: Get quotes from different vendors to find the best value. Try to negotiate to save money.
  4. Make room for unexpected costs: Put some of the budget aside for any surprises.
  5. Track expenses: Keep a record of all costs and compare them to your budget. Adjust if needed.

Besides practical stuff, don’t forget the intangible things that could make it special:

  • Personalize the experience: Make the party fit your company culture and employee preferences. Add interactive elements or themes that reflect your brand.
  • Let employees contribute: Ask them to share ideas and help organize activities. This will make them feel part of it and be excited.
  • Focus on team building: Use the party to strengthen relationships. Incorporate team-building activities or icebreakers.

For a company party, every detail counts. By managing costs and being creative, you can make it unforgettable.

7 – Invitation and RSVP Management

Create a unique invitation process by combining hand-drawn designs and personal messages with professional design software. This will make guests feel valued and increase their anticipation for the event.

Choose reputable online platforms for electronic RSVPs. This is convenient for guests and eco-friendly. Reminder emails will prompt guests who may have forgotten to respond, and automation tools can help ensure no one misses out.

Interactive elements such as games, quizzes or virtual reality experiences, will engage guests and build excitement before the event.

Mobile-friendly invitations must be compatible with various screen sizes and devices, to guarantee easy access for guests on the go. This maximizes convenience and responsiveness.

By utilizing personalized invites, electronic RSVPs, reminder emails, interactive elements, and mobile compatibility, you can streamline your invitation and RSVP management process while also boosting guest engagement and anticipation for the upcoming company party.



frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

1. What are some unique company party holiday ideas?

Whether you’re looking to host a virtual or in-person event, here are a few popular company party holiday ideas:

– Themed cocktail making or cooking class

Escape room challenge

– Outdoor Adventure

– Private movie screening

– Virtual talent show or karaoke contest

2. How do I choose the best holiday party idea for my company?

Consider factors such as your employees’ interests, budget, and location when choosing a holiday party idea. It’s helpful to survey your team to gauge their preferences and ensure your chosen activity is inclusive and enjoyable for everyone.

3. Are there any cost-effective company party holiday ideas?

Absolutely! Here are a few budget-friendly options for your company party:

– Potluck-style holiday feast

– Decorate the office or workspace together

– Secret Santa gift exchange

– Virtual game night or trivia

– DIY holiday crafts or cookie decorating

4. What precautions should we take for an in-person company party?

If hosting an in-person company party, make sure to follow all local health guidelines and regulations.

Some precautions to consider include:

– Limiting the guest count to under 100 people

– Providing hand sanitizers and masks upon request

– Ensuring proper ventilation

5. How can I make our company party enjoyable for everyone?

To make your company party enjoyable for everyone, consider the following:

– Offering a variety of activities or entertainment options

– Having inclusive food and beverage choices

– Incorporating team-building games or icebreakers

– Encouraging employee participation and feedback

– Creating a festive and welcoming atmosphere


Holiday Party Santas

Holiday Party Santas


A well-planned party shows your employees that their hard work is valued and appreciated, which in turn can boost their motivation and overall job satisfaction.

When employees feel recognized and supported, they are likely to have a more positive attitude towards their work, leading to increased productivity and better results for the company.

Moreover, company parties offer a chance to enhance the overall company culture.

By choosing unique activities and themes that align with your employees’ varied interests, you create an inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels involved and engaged.

This diversity in party offerings can spark conversations and connections among colleagues who may not interact as frequently during regular work hours, breaking down barriers and promoting a sense of unity.

To truly make your company party unforgettable, consider adding surprising elements that will leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Whether it’s a surprise guest, a special performance, or an unexpected group activity.

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