Best Stress Free Group Activities for your next corporate event. These exercises are fun, interactive and entertaining. Everyone builds up a little stress sometimes, so to keep employees from burning out, employers should have them all partake in stress free group activities.

The phrase ‘stress-free group activities’ might conjure images of team building exercises at a country retreat.

But they don’t have to be so regimented or expensive to organize.

You can provide more accessible activities that promote fun while taking your employees’ minds off their job. Employees are more likely to have new and innovative ideas while they’re not at their desk.

That’s because the unconscious continues working on problems while you’re doing other things. Novelist Stephen King describes it as giving “the boys in the basement” something to do.

So read on to discover some stress-free group activities that can lower stress and raise productivity.

What Stress-Free Group Activities should I choose?

Why not have a treasure hunt? Your employees can have a little fun while you encourage group work and problem-solving.

Come up with riddles, or hide objects in a specified place. And offer a prize for the winning team.

It’s also a great way for new staff members to get to know the premises. Or you could structure riddles around the history of your company.

You could run treasure hunts on a regular basis. Create a leader board based on time taken to solve the puzzles.

That gives different teams a chance to when every month. Make the hunt something to look forward to within a busy week.

Or how about passing out stress balls and teaching your staff to juggle?

It’ll improve their hand-eye coordination and teach them the benefits of focusing on one task at a time.

Juggling is also fun, which brings us to another of our stress-free group activities. Laughter! Can you take your employees to a comedy night?

Or have a joke-telling session over coffee and cake. You can book one of our corporate icebreakers to bring entertainment to your events.

Consider bringing meditation into the workplace

Meditation is one of the best stress-free group activities. Mindful meditation is a wonderful practice for your whole organization to start, including you.

It can help to lower anxiety and calm the mind. Its focus on the present, rather than what has happened or what might happen, is liberating.

Research has even shown its positive impact in the workplace. Employees enjoy a decrease in stress levels.

It’s also very easy to do. Find somewhere comfortable and relaxing, far away from the desks.

Bring in an expert to start with. Then get experienced staff to teach each other.

Or you can try guided meditations too. Get the group to discuss their experiences after the meditation to promote bonding.

The beauty of these stress-free group activities is their simplicity. You can introduce them as a weekly or monthly fixture in your office calendar.

All you need is a little creativity, some time in the working week, and a few prizes. You can even create break out spaces around the office to promote activities in smaller groups.

In return, you’ll get happy and productive employees who see their workplace as a fun and creative place to be.

Comment below if you have any other stress free group activities ideas to add to our list. Call us at 201-357-2979 for more details.




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