Best Teamwork Games to Refocus & Energize Employees After Layoffs

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Lisa Lawrence

Written by Lisa Lawrence

Lisa Lawrence. is a certified facilitator and team building expert with over 12 years of experience in the field.  She has a passion for helping to build stronger teams and has worked with a wide range of fortune 500 businesses to improve communication and boost morale in the New York City Metro Area.

July 15, 2023

Teamwork games may be just what your company needs to rally the troops and help employees refocus.

Downsizing and layoffs happen. Sometimes it is unavoidable. Teamwork games can help refocus and energize your core employees. Find out how here!

Layoffs are understandably devastating to the employees who find themselves out of work, but they can also be demoralizing to those who are left behind.

After a company lays off workers, the remaining employees might be nervous that the same fate will befall them. This anxiety can lead to productivity issues, a decline in collaboration, and flagging morale.

Teamwork Games & Activities Get A Bad Rap

ideas for nj campus activities

Say “team building” or “teamwork” to any office worker, and they’re likely to respond by rolling their eyes.

Sometimes supervisors who want their team to bond (or worse, who has been told by a higher-up to implement bonding exercises) turn to Google for ideas. This leads to silly activities like trust falls, enforced sharing of personal topics, or even dangerous events like rock climbing or bungee jumping.

…and Rightfully So, In Some Cases

The problem? These activities violate employees’ personal space, dignity, or sense of safety. It’s one thing to push people out of their comfort zone, but it’s another thing altogether to embarrass them or put them at risk.

Another issue is that team days sometimes infringe on workers’ free time. Most junior- and mid-level employees don’t want to visit a ropes course on Saturday or spend Thursday night at a casino event.

It may seem counterproductive, but holding team building activities during office hours is actually smart. This gives employees a break from the day-to-day routine. If they don’t enjoy the activities, then at least they’re being paid; if they do have fun, so much the better.

What Kind of Teamwork Games Work Best?

Game Shows For Team Building

game shows for team building

It’s important to level the playing field, if you’ll pardon the cliché (and the pun).

Any kind of athletic competition will alienate those who aren’t active by nature, not to mention any disabled employees. Karaoke, role-playing, and other performance-type activities are a nightmare for introverts.

Enter game-show style team building.

Popular television game shows, like Minute to Win It, Family Feud, and Wheel of Fortune — adapted for the workplace — are an ideal option for teamwork activities.

These types of games are much more egalitarian in nature. Anyone can play Family Feud or Wheel of Fortune, and anyone can win. They also lend themselves to collaboration, wherein gregarious team members can be spokespeople for the group, while shy folks can hang back but still contribute.

Teamwork Activities & Games for Small & Large Groups in NJ, NYC, CT & PA

We will walk you through the best indoor and outdoor teamwork games, activities and ideas for small and large groups in NJ, NY, PA & CA. These teamwork games help with bonding. Usually, the announcement of an upcoming teamwork event is meet with groans. But is doesn’t need to be that way.

Balloon Teamwork Game

Don’t Let the Balloon hit the Ground. The idea is simple. First, have your group stand in a circle (for larger groups you might want to have a few different circles).

Now add a balloon. The team must now keep the balloon off the ground with only one touch allowed. Once someone touches the balloon, someone different must be the next person to touch it. Add more balloons and watch your team frantically try to keep up.

Teamwork Blind Geometry Activity

Give everyone a blindfold and have them circle up. Provide them with a rope that they must shape into a certain geometric shape in a given amount of time. This indoor teamwork activity helps promote communication and trust within your group.

Popular TV Game Show Game

Game shows such as Family Feud, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune are easy adapted for groups of all sizes and make for some of the best teamwork games. One of the great things about using game shows as a teamwork game is that people are encouraged to work together with the clock ticking. This means that people aren’t going to be as shy as they might otherwise be as they work together.

Game shows are also very versatile. If you’re tech savvy, you can make versions of these games in animated power points. If not, you can always have good old fashion adaptations with a dry erase board and markers.

Host a Murder Mystery Dinner

This is such a great idea because it combines three great things: food, suspense, and teamwork. Each table works together to solve the mystery over a nice meal. The rest of the logistics are up to you. You can follow along with the board game Clue or write your own script to have an experience tailored to your group.

Team up for Charity

Not every indoor teamwork game has to be a competition. Another great activity that will bring your team closer is working together a project for charity. It can be as simple as organizing a canned food drive, or as involved as creating care packages.

There are lots of worthy charities who would love to be the beneficiary of your teamwork, so find a charity that fits well with your company. Are there products you work with that could be the basis of a project? Now that you have a few ideas for indoor teamwork games, you can turn your next award dinner or holiday party into a learning experience for everyone.


There are many benefits to playing games as a team: fostering collaboration, encouraging creative problem-solving, and boosting trust among a group of employees. Perhaps most important of all? Having some laughs together can help your workers blow off some steam, which exactly what’s needed after layoffs.

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