The Most Fun New Year’s Eve Party Games

The Most Fun New Year’s Eve Party Games

If you are thinking about how to end the year with a big bang by throwing the best New Year’s Eve Party ever, consider organizing one with us. Having New Year’s Eve Party with us will offer nonstop entertainment for your friends and family.

The good news for you is, that the event can be held right in your very own home.  To make your New Year’s Eve party more memorable in ways that is joyful, energizing and inexpensive you may want to put more effort into planning a fun-filled interactive add on.  You can do an engaging activity right at home with good friends and family to enjoy one another’s company as you countdown til midnight.  A game show option could be the answer you’ve been looking for.  How many of you out there, in wonderland, realize that games are one of the most important part of a group gatherings. Games serve as the number one icebreaker and is also  a stress reliever that offers your guests a chance to bring out their competitive side even if it’s for just 60 minutes.

Fun & Interactive New Year’s Eve 2023

Admit it, no New Year’s Eve Party would be complete without adding an interactive component to it.  I have witnessed, most event planners doing a great job by finding fabulous venues and caterers, but when it comes to entertainment, the events immediately screeches to a halt.  It’s PlayTyme Game Shows can come in, set up and make the feel of New Year’s Eve Party very festive, playful and memorable by bringing our very own LED lighting, high energy emcee, sound engineer and background music to this very special occasion.  Want to enhance the experience for your guests, you may want to decorate your home with flickering garlands and confetti.   While your feeling a bit frisky, we have all kinds of drinking trivia games to set the right tone for your New Year’s Eve Party, but don’t forget to add hats and noisemakers, serve colorful drinks, cocktails and a buffet of delicious food so your party will pop, pop, pop.

This concept of having a New Year’s Eve game night has become so very popular, this year, NBC, aired their very first one with Andy Cohen (Bravo) hosting “Hollywood Game Night” for all to enjoy before the ball dropped.

Contact us today for further details. Let us make your New Year Eve Party memorable.

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Feud Style Surveys | The Ultimate Corporate Icebreakers

Feud Style Surveys | The Ultimate Corporate Icebreakers

The latest trend in corporate meetings and team building is hosting a Feud style survey game show.  It’s the ultimate icebreaker that has the northeast region by storm. 

If your familiar with the very popular TV game show, then close your eyes and imagine having this kind of interactive play at your next training session or corporate event.

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.  Getting to like you, getting to hope you like me.

Remember that song? In elementary school your teacher’s would sing it so you’d have the desire to get to know your other classmates.

That doesn’t stop as we become adults and have to work with other people but really haven’t had the opportunity to get to know them on a more personal level.

Team building activity with Prudential

Team building activity with Prudential

Break the Monotony with Feud Style Game Shows

Are you an Executive Assistant, Office Manager or Team Leader currently looking for different ways to “break the monotony” at your next meeting or party?

Have you been put to the task of coming up with unique and innovative ideas for a staff training or workshop?

Do you want to have your attendees to feel more comfortable around each other and their supervisors?

Then perhaps you’d be interested in having a few quick rounds of “Feud” style surveys as an opener to your upcoming event.

Corporate Team building activity

Corporate Team building activity

You will agree that our corporate feud surveys is an activity that most know of but haven’t played in a corporate setting.

This is considered, an Ultimate Icebreaker because it works very well with any team building and/or training sessions.

We will assist in facilitation and coordinating of the teams in advance should you prefer (5 individuals per team).

Fun & Friendly Competition – Corporate Feud Surveys

To create even more excitement before the event, we encourage you choose  “team names” and “team captains” as well.

Once the facilitator arrives the teams will be called one by one and the friendly competition could begin.

This activity usually occurs after lunch or dinner and after happy hour if you choose to do so.

It’s played exactly like the TV show accept it doesn’t have $20,000 up for grabs and a money round.

You can give out company prizes for the winning team of every round or a “Grand Prize” for the team that wins two out of three rounds.

Our rounds are made up of 3 survey questions that should take no longer than 15 minutes.

Depending on the number of attendees and time allotted, everyone has a chance to participate.

Do something fun, do something different, think outside the norm, your employees and/or clients will thank you for this in the end.   Contact us for Ultimate Corporate Icebreakers.

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