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Team Building For Small Groups
Lisa Lawrence

Written by Lisa Lawrence

Lisa Lawrence. is a certified facilitator and team building expert with over 12 years of experience in the field.  She has a passion for helping to build stronger teams and has worked with a wide range of fortune 500 businesses to improve communication and boost morale in the New York City Metro Area.

February 11, 2023

Working in a small office in Connecticut? These ideas on team building for small groups in your area will have your team bonding like never before. Enjoy.

Even a good office manager knows the importance of team building. Getting your employees on the same page socially and professionally yields higher productivity levels.

The problem is, many team building exercises require large groups. So what about team building for small groups? Is there any hope?

Of course there is! You just need to think outside the box. In fact, team building in small groups is more intimate and thus has greater potential to create real workplace bonds.

We’re bringing you some of our favorite team building exercises for small groups and how to implement them.

Team Building For Small Groups #1: Back to Back Drawing

You’re probably familiar with this exercise from your elementary school days. Two people sit back to back, one person draws while the other gives instructions.

The exercise works by forcing clear, concise communication. The person giving instructions must articulate steps to build a larger goal.

This simulates project meetings. One person articulates their vision to others who must then listen, ask questions, and execute.

#2: Stranded on a Desert Island

This exercise starts by taking your team and “stranding them” on a desert island. They’ll need a list of supplies, and then another list of resources on the island.

No one leaves the room until the teams creates a viable survival and rescue plan.

Your goal here is to foster creative thinking within a team setting. The end strategy doesn’t matter, only that your team creates a viable solution without arguing amongst themselves.

Try “killing off” the leader for an interesting twist to this scenario. This simulates project reassignments and the need to adapt.

#3: Two Truths and a Lie

Two truths and a lie is another activity straight off the school yard.

Each employee decides on two truths and a lie to tell their coworkers. The idea here isn’t so much recognizing deceit, but instead getting to know coworkers.

Encourage people to pick truths that might resonate with the others. People may unexpectedly find things in common and become fast friends.

Small numbers work best to keep two truths and a lie time sensitive. After a certain number of players, you’re looking at hours of game play.

#4: Jeopardy Style Office Trivia

You customize the categories and questions.  We provide a fabulous fun-filled Jeopardy style game show which focuses on corporate policies, procedures and even compliance topics.

Here’s what you do first,split your office into three teams red, blue and green.  Then, have them choose their team captains.  Add more excitement by providing T-Shirts for them to wear on game day.

This Jeopardy style game not only builds teamwork, but also serves as an excellent refresher on recent work projects/issues You’re killing two birds with one stone basically and the getting your team to participate will not be a problem..

#5: Office Silence

Choose a work day that isn’t too busy and implement a no talking policy.

All communication must happen exclusively through gestures. This means no writing notes, no whispers, and no texting.

This exercise forces employees to think outside the box with their communication skills.

Reading body language and emotion becomes enormously important. This translates into increased inter-office empathy on a day-to-day basis.

Just because you have a smaller office doesn’t mean team building will suffer. There are plenty of exercises designed with team building for small groups in mind.

If you’re looking for an innovative way to build team chemistry, contact us or call us direct at 201-357-2979. We boast an entire suit of games ready for any event!

FREE Team Building Games, Activities and Ideas For Small Groups that you can do yourself.

We do not offer the games listed below. They are meant to give you free ideas. You can arrange these at your own.

Cell Phone Trivia: Fun Team Building Exercise

Cell phone trivia is a fun, interactive team building game that utilizes the technology we carry around every day.
This basic trivia game can be played by just a few people, or up to 1000, by turning cell phones into a live game show buzzer.

Everyone participates at once, creating an interactive playing field.

This is a great first game to play in a series of team building games because the winners of this game can be made team captains.

Mine Field: Team Building & Leadership Skills

Mine Field is a fun team building game that can be played on a small scale.

It incorporates team building and leadership skills by putting one person in charge of navigating their blindfolded partner or partners through a maze on the floor.

Try making the leader get their entire team across one by one, honing their communication skills along the way.

Anyone who hits a mine then becomes one, staying still in the maze, making the game harder and harder as it goes along.

For 2019 edition, why not incorporate virtual reality technology instead of a blindfold? This breeds multitasking skills and forces the players to really listen to and trust what the leader is saying and not be distracted by what’s virtually around them.

Face 2 Face Feud: Survey Style Team Building Game for Small Groups

Family Feud is a classic television game show that has been around for several decades.

This modern adaptation is one of the most fun team building games around because it incorporates a survey of popular opinion and requires the team to work together, guessing the most popular answers.

Telephone On Paper: Short Boost Team Building Activity

Ever heard of the game telephone? Where one person starts a story and the next tells it, all the way around a group of people and by the end the story is often a vague resemblance of the beginning?

Try that game, but drawing version. Start with a word or phrase that the first person draws. The pass their drawing onto person #2, who writes what they think the drawing is of. Person #3 draws person #2’s description and person #4 describes that drawing, and so on.

This team building game can be played by passing around emails throughout the workday, creating a short boost in morale and team building when it is all shared at the end of the day.

Human Knot: Physical Team Building Activity for Small Group

In the age of technology, sometimes it’s good to do something physical. Get your team off their screens by playing Human Knot.

The group stands in a circle and everyone reaches out their hands. Once everyone’s hands are linked, try to untangle.

This is one of the most classic team building activity. For a 2019 re-vamp, simply emphasize that it’s about person-to-person connection.

Try letting each participant be the director and decide one move at a time, moving through all the participants.

Corporate events are some of the best opportunities for team building activities.

The pressure of the work day is gone, and a new, more relaxed side of your employees or co-workers is ready to be brought out.

Try one of these team building exercises and games at your next meeting or corporate event!

Attention: HR Managers, Team Leaders, and Executive Assistants

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