Summer Team Building Activities for Work in 2023

Summer Team Building Activities

Ready to try a few summer team building activities that will  elevate your team’s summer experience?

If your reading this article, you understand the importance of fostering a strong and cohesive team dynamic. Summer is the perfect season to inject a dose of excitement, energy, and camaraderie into your workplace.

What better way to do that than with a few thrilling summer team building activities?

We will discuss some summer team building activities as it’s the time, for most companies, to strengthen bonds and get team members back on track regarding organizational goals.

Whether you are looking for outdoor adventures, indoor challenges, holiday-themed or virtual activities, there’s something listed for everyone on your team to enjoy.

Say goodbye to stuffy meeting rooms and mundane icebreakers, and say hello to a refreshing summer adventure that will leave your team buzzing with enthusiasm.

Let’s get started.

Summer Team Building Activities for Work




What is the Purpose of Team Building Activities?

The purpose of facilitating team building activities is to increase worker engagement, problem-solving and morale-boosting to reinforce company culture. These activities are a great way to give employees a chance to closely connect with one another on a more personal level, typically, outside of the office.

They foster closer connections and create a sense of camaraderie that can eventually, translate into high productivity for the organization as a whole.

Team building activities should align with the specific goals of your team, their preferences, and the resources you have available.

By participating in these types of group activities, workers can also develop problem-solving skills and learn how to effectively work together which leads to higher productivity. To reap the benefits of summer team building activities, in particular, companies must identify the right activities for their particular team.

They must also find the right venue/location that supports the activity as well. A successful summer team building event requires enough time for proper planning because the rewards in terms of increased engagement, productivity, and teamwork are well worth the effort.

In this article, we will highlight 13 different fun and unique summer team building activities to consider for the upcoming summer season.  Also, we will “briefly” discuss the do’s and dont’s on planning a team building activity to take your team to the next level.

Planning a Team Building Activity – Do’s and Don’ts. 

The key is to create a positive and inclusive environment when planning a team building activity.  The goal is to create bonds where participants can also collaborate, and have fun together. Adapt the do’s and don’ts to fit your specific event and team dynamics.


  1. Consider the preferences and interests of the participants when selecting the activity.
  2. Choose activities that promote collaboration and teamwork.
  3. Set clear goals and objectives
  4. Select a venue that offers indoor and outdoor options, considering the summer season.
  5. Provide a variety of options to cater to different fitness levels and abilities.
  6. Ensure the chosen activity encourages communication and fosters positive relationships.
  7. Create a schedule that allows for breaks and rest periods, especially in the summer heat.
  8. Provide the necessary equipment and supplies for the activities.
  9. Offer incentives or rewards to boost motivation and engagement.
  10. Do have a backup plan in case of unforeseen circumstances like weather changes.


  1. Don’t choose activities that may cause discomfort or fear in participants.
  2. Don’t overlook safety precautions and risk assessments.
  3. Don’t make the activities too competitive, as it may create unnecessary tension.
  4. Don’t force participation or make the activities mandatory for everyone.
  5. Don’t plan activities that are too physically demanding or strenuous for all participants.
  6. Don’t forget to communicate the purpose and benefits of the team building activity to participants.
  7. Don’t neglect to consider dietary restrictions or preferences when planning refreshments or meals.
  8. Don’t overlook the importance of debriefing and reflecting on the team building experience.
  9. Don’t forget to follow up with participants after the event to gather feedback and assess its effectiveness.


Why Team Building Activities are Crucial – During the Summer Season

  1. Pleasant weather: The summer season generally provides more favorable weather conditions, allowing for outdoor activities and a wider range of options. This opens up possibilities for activities such as sports, picnics, or outdoor adventure challenges.
  2. Longer days: Summer days are typically longer, providing more daylight hours for team building activities. This allows for extended sessions or the opportunity to combine multiple activities in a single day, maximizing engagement and participation.
  3. Vibrant and energetic atmosphere: The summer season often brings an energetic atmosphere, which can enhance the overall mood and enthusiasm during team-building activities. The warm weather and vibrant surroundings contribute to a more positive and enjoyable experience.
  4. Break from routine: Summer is often associated with vacation and relaxation, making it an ideal time to break away from the regular work routine. Team-building activities during this season provide a refreshing change of pace and an opportunity for employees to recharge and rejuvenate.
  5. Flexibility in scheduling: Summer tends to have fewer holidays and conflicting events compared to winter. This makes it easier to find suitable dates without disruptions, ensuring maximum participation from team members.
  6. Connection with nature: Many team building activities in summer can take advantage of natural settings such as parks, beaches, or outdoor retreats. Connecting with nature has a positive impact on mental well-being and reducing stress.
  7. Seasonal themes and inspiration: Summer offers various seasonal themes and inspirations that can be incorporated into team-building activities, adding an element of fun and excitement. Examples include water-based challenges, summer sports tournaments, or team-building exercises centered around summer traditions.

While team-building activities can be conducted in any season, the unique aspects of summer, including pleasant weather, longer days, an energetic atmosphere, and the opportunity for a break from routine, make it a special time for fostering teamwork, collaboration, and employee engagement.

Summer Team Building Activities – Outdoor Physical Challenges

Experiencing the great outdoors can be an exhilarating way to invigorate your workforce and promote team cohesion.

  1.  Nature-based challenges – offer a unique opportunity for employees to step outside of their comfort zones, test their limits, and work together to overcome obstacles.  From hiking through rugged terrain to navigating through an obstacle course, nature-based challenges are a great way to build trust and communication among team members.
  2.  Water sports adventures – Another way to embrace the great outdoors is through outdoor activities like kayaking, canoeing, and rafting.  These adventures are all great team building activities that require teamwork and communication.
  3.  Bubble Soccer: Participants who play bubble soccer, wear inflatable bubbles that cover their upper body and head while playing a soccer game, adding an amusing and bouncy twist to the sport.

Not only do these provide fun team building activities, but they also offer the opportunity to develop new skills and build relationships. Whether your team outing is navigating through rapids or paddling through calm waters, or water sports, your team will enjoy the beauty of nature.

Summer Team Building Activities – Indoor Games

Indoor activities provide an alternative option for promoting team cohesion and fostering communication among employees.

1.  Board Game Tournaments

Board game tournaments are a great way to bring teams closer together and encourage healthy competition amongst peers.  You may want to plan a team tournament to include games like chess, Monopoly, or Scrabble, and can be organized as individual or team events.

Board game tournaments are particularly beneficial for those who prefer to stay indoors, and they can be held in the office or at a designated venue, off-site.

2.  Escape Rooms

Booking Escape Rooms is another fun indoor activity that allows you to get out of the office.  It can help increase communication and problem-solving skills at other locations besides the workplace.

In an escape room, teams are locked in a “themed room” and must solve puzzles and riddles in order to escape within a specific time frame.

This group activity requires a lot of communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Escape rooms can be found in various locations and can be customized to fit different themes and group sizes.

3.  Live Game Shows 

One particular game show activity that has gained tremendous popularity, globally, over the last decade is the replica of Family Feud.

Let your team have a choice, either host their very own version or book a professional company to come, set up with engaging props, and facilitate.  The activity is effective with at least 20 participants.

This game show covers a wide range of popular topics, that requires participants to draw from their collective knowledge and experiences.

Customization of a few questions is highly recommended to ensure the message you want to deliver is received.

4.  Museum Tours

Museums often showcase diverse artworks, artifacts, or cultural exhibits.  By choosing a museum tour for your team members, they can develop a much deeper appreciation for different cultures, art forms, or historical periods.  This activity promotes inclusivity and cultural understanding.

Holiday-Themed Activities

Holiday-themed activities offer a festive and engaging way to bring employees together and promote collaboration during special occasions.  The unexpectedness of celebrating a holiday-themed activity can generate intrigue and more anticipation among team members, leading to higher engagement and participation.

1.  Memorial Day Theme

Organize a trivia competition with questions related to Memorial Day, U.S. history, military facts, and patriotic symbols. Divide participants into teams and award points for correct answers. This activity promotes team collaboration, knowledge sharing, and friendly competition.

2.  Labor Day Theme

Consider a friendly cooking competition where teams are given ingredients and have to work together to create a unique dish within a specified time limit. Judges can evaluate the taste, presentation, and creativity of the dishes.

This activity promotes teamwork, creativity, and friendly competition while celebrating the culinary talents of the participants.

3.  July 4th Theme

Patriotic-themed activities are another option for holiday team building. These activities can include dressing up in red, white, and blue, holding a themed potluck, or organizing a group outing to watch a firework display.

These activities not only promote collaboration but also create a sense of unity and pride in the company.

By incorporating holiday-themed activities into team building events, companies can create a fun and engaging way to promote teamwork and boost employee morale.

Virtual Summer Team Building

In today’s remote work environment, virtual team building activities have become a popular way for companies to promote collaboration and strengthen relationships online.

With the new normal, it has become necessary to explore new ways of building camaraderie and communication among remote teams.

Virtual team-building activities offer a great opportunity to create an engaging and interactive environment that helps employees feel connected and valued, even if they are miles apart.


Virtual Activities

Here are some ideas for remote team building activities that can help your team bond virtually:

1.  Virtual Escape Rooms

If your team is remote, choose a reputable virtual escape room provider that can customize the game by group size.  Then, incorporate elements specific to your team or company, such as puzzles related to your industry or inside jokes.

Ensure clear instructions for participants to collaborate effectively.  Consider dividing the group into smaller teams and assigning a facilitator to each team for guidance and support. Implement a virtual leaderboard or scoring system to foster friendly competition and motivation.

Finally, schedule a post-game debriefing session for teams to share their experiences and celebrate their achievements.

2.  Online Cooking Classes

Choose a professional chef or cooking instructor who specializes in virtual classes that can handle a small or large group.  Plan the menu in advance, consider dietary restrictions, and provide ingredient lists to participants ahead of time.

Encourage interaction by incorporating live Q&A sessions, where participants can ask questions and receive real-time guidance from the chef.

Create a collaborative atmosphere by dividing participants into smaller groups and assigning breakout rooms for them to work together on specific recipes. Consider incorporating team challenges or friendly competitions to add excitement and motivation.

Lastly, provide opportunities for participants to share their final creations and celebrate their culinary achievements.

3.  Online Game Nights

Select a variety of interactive games that can be played virtually, such as trivia, charades, Pictionary, or virtual escape rooms. Invite your team to a reliable video conferencing platform that supports breakout rooms for smaller groups to play simultaneously.

Incorporate icebreaker activities like get-to-know-you questions to encourage conversation and camaraderie. Consider assigning a host or emcee to facilitate the event, keep the energy high, and explain the rules of each game.

Introduce friendly competition by keeping score or awarding prizes to winners. Include interactive features like polls or quizzes to engage the entire group.

This is an excellent way for your team to socialize and interact during breaks or after the games, bringing a sense of connection and team spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions


frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

What are some budget-friendly options for summer team building activities?

It is often assumed that the cost of team building activities determines their effectiveness. However, this is not always true, as affordable options can be just as effective as expensive ones.

With creative ideas and a little planning, budget-friendly summer social events can be just as engaging and impactful. Some affordable options include DIY outdoor games, potluck picnics, community service projects, and office Olympics.

These activities not only foster teamwork, but also allow for personal expression and creativity.  By encouraging employees to think outside of the box and take ownership of their team building experience, organizations can create a sense of freedom and empowerment among their workforce.

How can companies incorporate team building activities into their regular work schedule?

Incorporating team building activities into a company’s regular work schedule can have numerous benefits for the workforce. Consistent team building efforts can help foster a sense of camaraderie among employees, improve communication and collaboration skills, and boost overall engagement in the workplace.

One effective way to incorporate team building activities is by scheduling regular events, such as monthly or quarterly outings or activities during work hours.

It is important to ensure that all team members have the opportunity to participate and that the activities align with the company’s values and goals. By prioritizing team building efforts, companies can create a more cohesive and productive workforce.

Are there any indoor summer team building activities that don’t require a lot of space or equipment?

Indoor team building ideas that don’t require a lot of space or equipment can be a great way to foster team bonding and engagement during the summer months. Low-cost summer activities such as board game tournaments, trivia games, and escape rooms can be easily organized in an office space or conference room.

These activities not only provide a fun break from daily work routines but also encourage collaboration, problem-solving, and communication skills. Additionally, incorporating outdoor themes such as beach or camping into indoor activities can add a level of excitement and creativity.

By providing opportunities for team building activities, companies can create a more positive and enjoyable work environment that ultimately leads to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

How can I plan a team building event that ensures all employees feel included and engaged?

To ensure that all employees feel included and engaged during team building events, companies can implement inclusive strategies and consider unique venues that cater to diverse interests and abilities.

Personalization is also important, as team feedback can be used to tailor activities and ensure that everyone feels valued and heard.

By promoting a culture of inclusion and positive relationships among employees, companies can boost engagement and productivity in the workplace. It is important to note that these strategies should be implemented year-round and not just during the summer season.

Can virtual team building activities be just as effective as in-person activities for fostering team bonding?

The answer is yes, virtual team building activities can offer many benefits for remote teams, such as flexibility, inclusivity, and cost-effectiveness. With the rise of remote work, virtual team building has become more important than ever.

However, there are also challenges to overcome with virtual team building, such as technological issues and lack of personal connection.

To make virtual team building effective, it is crucial to choose activities that are engaging, interactive, and tailored to the team’s needs.

Moreover, it is important to create a safe and supportive environment for team members to participate and build relationships.

In short, virtual team building can be just as effective as in-person activities for fostering team bonding, as long as the challenges are addressed and the activities are well-designed.

Key Takeaways

Summer team building activities are important for team bonding and increasing worker engagement outside of work.

It also teaches problem-solving skills and reinforces company culture. Proper planning is crucial for a successful summer social event, including identifying ideal activities, finding the right venue, and ensuring team participation.

The do and don’t list should be very helpful in that area. Specific summer team building activities can include nature based challenges, water sports, bubble soccer, escape rooms, game nights to virtual cooking classes.

The article emphasizes the most quick and easy summer activities and offers suggestions for Memorial Day and Labor Day ideas, games, and more.

If you choose the right team building activities, you’ll discover new hidden strengths, better communication, trust deepened, and collaboration will become second nature.


you're never too old to play

you’re never too old to play


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